Selling Something on Craigslist – How Safe Is It?


[dt_fancy_image style=”1″ border=”0″ lightbox=”false” animation=”none” align=”right” width=”” media=”” image_alt=”” hd_image=”” image=””][/dt_fancy_image]When looking to sell an item on-line the first thought most people have is Craigslist. Even I have sold and purchased items through the on-line swap meet known as For most items selling and buying is fairly easy. You contact the seller or buyer by email, agree on a price and arrange a meeting to inspect the merchandise and complete the transaction. For most items this system works great. But what about high priced items like luxury jewelry or watches. How quick are you to sell or buy those items off of Craigslist? Or more to the point, how safe is it to engage in those transactions?


The Risk

For those of you that are new to Craigslist, it’s an online classified column regional to the city you live in. Many people use it to post available apartments, sell puppies, list jobs, and sell unwanted goods. If the world were an honest place, this would be the best way for a common person to sell anything. Think of a nation-wide garage sale, how can you go wrong? However, an honest world we did not live in.


Because there is no scanning process when posting an item on Craigslist, anyone can post anything (including the criminals). If you are unlucky enough to have a criminal respond to your post or you respond to a criminal’s post, it is more than likely that your transaction will end in you being robbed for your item or money.


Craigslist Crimes


These crimes have become so popular in Northern California that cities like Oakland are becoming more proactive. In Oakland, CA, a special police unit was created focusing solely on these Craigslist crimes called the Robberies by Appointments Unit.


If you don’t believe me, here are just a few stories that show what a wide spread problem this is becoming:

Oakland uncovers two men trying to steal a diamond from a buyer on Craigslist.

Man beaten in Houston for attempting to buy an iPad on Craigslist

Dad shot dead after placing an ad on Craigslist to sell a 1 carat diamond. 

With so many stories like these it makes you wonder why people choose to sell or buy luxury items on Craigslist at all.



Why Put Yourself at Risk


The number one reason people buy of sell their luxury item on Craigslist is because they don’t know where else to turn. Pawnshops are notorious for offering below value, and selling something on Ebay is daunting to a new sellers. Most people do not think to consult a jewelry specialist (jeweler) but this is the first step they should take. Working with a professional jeweler you can trust will allow you to get the best value in a safe and secure environment. Appraisals and quotes are always free, if a jeweler try’s to charge for this service, find another jeweler.


Don’t take your chances with the unknown, work with a professional who values your items and is in the business to provide exceptional service. If you are interested in speaking to us about your estate jewelry or luxury watch, click here.



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