Single and committed women are buying themselves self love rings. And why not? Women should not feel ashamed for splurging on a diamond (or other gemstone) ring for themselves.

Who says a wedding engagement is the only acceptable time to go ring shopping? We are 100% in favor of women buying their own rings or their own Rolex.

The idea of women and their self love rings has been gaining traction lately. Keep reading for all about this movement, plus see our favorite rings ideas to celebrate self love!

What are ‘Self Love Rings’?

Carrie Bradshaw had it right in an episode of Sex and the City circa 2003. She wondered why culture didn’t celebrate single-womanhood like we celebrate new babies, weddings, or engagements.

So she gets ‘engaged’ to herself and registers for one item– a pair of Manolo Blahniks. That episode is today’s equivalent of women buying themselves self love rings.

The Original Self Love Ring™

Fred and Far creator Melody Godref created The Self Love Ring™ in 2017. According to their website, The Self Love Pinky Ring is a “symbol and reminder of your pinky promise to be, to love and to choose yourself daily.”

The concept is that if an engagement ring is a commitment to another, the self love ring is the commitment to self.

A Self Love Ring™ is designed to wear on the pinky finger and features a lab grown sapphire and an inverted triangle design on the setting. An inverted triangle represents the ancient symbol of the divine feminine.

You can read our thoughts about natural vs lab grown gemstones here.

Alternative Self Love Rings

Ladies– you can buy a self love ring for any finger you want, and no gemstone is off limits. There are no rules.

Rings that reflect self love may also be called:

Right Hand Rings

Women usually wear non-engagement rings on their right hands. These rings are often self purchased to celebrate a milestone, professional achievement, or maybe even a divorce.

The right hand ring movement actually began in the 1920’s prohibition era. Women partaking in the underground drinking scene wore brightly colored, oversized rings on their right hands as a sign of economic independence. Hence, ‘cocktail rings’ were born out of that era.

Non-Engagement Rings

Another term used for rings women purchase themselves is the ‘non-engagement ring.’ Women are celebrating singledom and self love more than ever before.

A non-engagement ring may feature a diamond or birthstone, and can be worn on any finger.

Traditionally, each finger had its own symbolism for rings:

thumb: sign of wealth and power
index finger: membership rings or family crest
ring finger: signifies engagement or marriage
pinky finger: indicated professional status (pinky rings traditionally presented to graduates)

9 Examples of Self Love Rings for any Occasion

1. The Self Love Ring™

Wear the patented Self Love Ring™ on the pinky finger.

self love ring by Fred and far
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2. Baguette Crossover Ring

A crossover style ring looks great on the middle finger. This style features baguette diamonds for a modern twist on a classic gemstone.

crossover self love ring
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3. Dainty, Thin Band Rings

Dainty, thin band rings work well for any finger. They make a subtle statement.

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4. Cocktail Ring

Oversized cocktail rings were traditionally worn on the pointer finger. Style them however you like as a statement piece.

cocktail right hand ring
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5. Birthstone Ring

Want a more personalized and sentimental self love ring? Consider a style that features your birthstone.

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6. Diamond Ring

We think more women should buy diamond rings for themselves! Did you know a fairly common Google search is “Is it sad to buy yourself a ring?”

Answer: Um no.

We have a huge selection of loose diamonds, and will be more than happy to help you create the diamond ring of your dreams! Significant other or not!

7. Stackable Ring

Stackable rings are an easy way to mix and match styles, and they suite every finger.

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8. Cluster Ring

A cluster ring is a creative style that showcases your individual personality with countless gemstone combinations.

9. Thumb Ring

Diamonds aren’t limited to just the ring finger. They can look right at home on your thumb as well.

Inspired by women buying themselves self love rings? If so, you can create your own with a loose diamond from our inventory! Contact to schedule an appointment and find the perfect diamond today.

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