Sapphire and Diamond RingI have already discussed how impressed I am with the abilities of my team here at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers and I’m not exaggerating either.  Because of them, I am able to take vacations and not call in, send new customers to them instead of increasing my workload, and frankly keep my wife happier!

So, in the vein of showing all of you just how innovative and talented and out of the box my crew is, I am going to highlight a design a month, and this month is a design that Jay Freedman came up with that is a custom Sapphire Diamond ring.  It is truly amazing.

The Sapphire Diamond Ring

Sapphire and Diamond RingWhat made this ring such a challenge was two things.  First, the customer wanted a large sapphire and she wanted a specific quality, both of which aren’t always that easy to find.  Second, she wanted the ring to be in platinum, that is generally not an issue, but this customer has arthritis in her knuckles, which means that her knuckles are large and her fingers are not.

We had to figure out a way to make a sapphire diamond ring that would fit over her knuckle, but would not slide around her finger.

The Process

Sapphire and Diamond RingThere were many drawings and thoughts on this one.  Should we make it the size of her knuckle, then add a sizer on the inside, but realized this wouldn’t keep the head of the ring stable, as the stone was so large, it would slide.  We decided that we needed to make the band flat on the bottom, which would prevent it from sliding on her finger, but we still had the issue of how to get it over her knuckle and fit comfortably on her finger.

After talking to the bench jewelers, the customer, her daughter and the team at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers it was decided to make the head of the ring hinge and open so she could open it to put it on her finger and securely close it around her finger by snapping it on, thus avoiding the knuckle.

The Making of the Ring

Sapphire and Diamond RingIt took a long time to make this sapphire diamond ring, as it had to be perfect, and this was not something our bench jewelers had ever tackled before.  I’ll be honest, we had to go back and redo it several times.  But, they did finally get it right.  And, it was a beautiful site to see, especially the way it worked, which was perfect.

The Customers Reaction

Sapphire and Diamond RingUnfortunately the customer was out of country for quite a while after the Sapphire Diamond ring was finally ready before she could pick it up, but when she was finally back in town she loved it and the best part is that now was have a wax mold for any other rings she might order or for anyone else who has arthritis and can’t get a ring over their knuckles!

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