The round brilliant diamond is a staple diamond that never seems to go out of favor when it comes to engagement rings.  It is the most purchased diamond out of all the different shapes of stones and over the years has never gone out of style.

The round brilliant diamond was first developed around 1900.  This shape will either have 57 or 58 facets, depending on whether you count the culet.  There are 33 facets on the crown and 25 below the girdle or on the pavilion, although there are a lot of different types of options for the round brilliant diamond, such as the Hearts & Arrows diamond, The Passion Cut and the Parker Brilliant, but they are still just modifications of the round brilliant diamond, which is a perfect stone that can look different when it is worn in different settings.

One Round Brilliant Diamond – Three Different Rings

Even if you could find two diamonds that were identical, put them in different settings and they would look like totally different diamonds.  But, all diamonds are different because of their DNA, and I want to show you three different looks of the round brilliant diamonds as the centerpiece.

Round Brilliant in Yellow Gold

Putting a diamond in yellow gold completely changes the tone of the stone because the yellow gold changes the hue of the diamond.  This is when it’s important to note the color of the diamond that you buy.  If you have a diamond that has a lower color, such as K, and you set it in a yellow gold setting then the color will appear whiter.

In this ring, the round brilliant diamond is surrounded by a soft shaped square halo of shared prong settings.  The band has diamonds down the sides also set with shared prong settings.  Gorgeous no?

Round Brilliant Diamond Solitaire

Nothing says classy and simple like the simple round brilliant diamond solitaire.  But, when you pair that up with a white gold band that is a bit wider and more substantial it adds some contemporary edge to bring the ring into the 21st Century.

Round Brilliant Diamond Three Stone Ring

If you want elegant and timeless, but a little more bling than just a solitaire, the three stone ring is a great way to go.  With the round brilliant diamond in the center and then two smaller round diamonds flanking it, this is set in platinum.  The diamonds that are set all the way around the band are shared prong.

Other Ways to Dress Up Your Diamond

Your diamond can also be dressed up with other gemstones.  Try flanking it with some sapphires or emeralds, or a pretty wedding band.  The point is, don’t worry if your BFF has the same shape stone that you have always wanted, because once your diamond is set, your round brilliant diamond or whatever shape you choose will look like no other ring in the world, but distinctly like yours.

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