Round brilliant cut diamond

While we sell every type of diamond imaginable at Jonathan’s, the round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most popular of them all. Over 75% of loose diamond sales involve this fancy cut, and it has become the go-to option for brides.

So why is the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond So Popular?

The round brilliant cut diamond has a rich history in the diamond world, and continues to be the standard in engagement ring design. Today we are going to dive in to what makes the diamond look so incredible, how it gained its popularity, and the ad campaign that started it all!

The brilliance is in the shape…

The round brilliant cut diamond features 57 facets (58 if you include the cutlet, which is most often the case). This cut generally sells for a premium over other fancy cuts, simply because the style is by far and away the most popular in today’s market.

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Over the past six hundred years, diamond cutters have been slowly perfecting the round brilliant cut’s design. Facets have become more slender, cutlets became smaller, tables were made larger.

This evolution of the round cut has created a stone that produces an intense amount of brilliance and fire. That, along with the introduction of better technology for diamond cutters including laters, has created the optimal environment for light to reflect inside of the diamond.

A brief history of round cut diamonds

While semi-round diamonds have been an important part of diamond cutting for hundreds of years, the fully round diamond was not possible until the 1800’s. The “Bruting Machine” gave diamond cutters the ability to produce diamonds much closer to the round brilliant cut that we see today.

The first known version of these round stones were called the “European cut”, which are still used today. Several different versions of round cut diamonds were created until 1919, when Marcel Tolkowsky created proportion outlines for what he felt was the perfect diamond cut, or the round brilliant diamond.

Diamond cutters have continued to improve on his specifications, and the round brilliant cut diamond continues to evolve today.

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Famous ad campaign

One of the most important components of the brilliant cut’s rise to popularity was through advertising campaigns. In the post-war era during the 1940’s, De Beers utilized ads that mainly featured the round brilliant cut diamond.

Specifically in 1948, De Beers created the “Diamond is Forever” advertising campaign. This marketing was incredibly effective and popular, and helped to propel the round cut diamond to the popularity that it currently enjoys today.

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