Rolex Watch StyleI’ve already said that you can call me Sporty.  And, I am sporty.  I don’t go for watches that are elegant; it’s just not my style.  I appreciate them and love to look at them and love to collect them for the value that they represent and even buy them for Jonathan’s Watch Buyer, but I don’t wear them.  I have these really big ham hands, and now I’m all scarred up, because my dang dog bit my thumb while I was teasing him, long story.

Anyway, because Rolex is my favorite of all watch brands and I am a bit biased when it comes to writing, collecting and discussing Rolex, I thought I would do a post about the various Rolex watch styles and then in the comments, I want you to tell me which Rolex watch style you are and why!

Rolex Watch Style Defined

Are you a Rolex Vintage Watch? Perhaps you are a Prince and have a rectangular case with a dual dial or maybe you are a Bubbleback? Either way, you are an Oyster with a screw down back and a screw down crown and you don’t have any screws loose.  You might have a date or no date; you don’t care because you can stand on your own either way.  You don’t mind water, but you don’t like to swim in water that is over 100 meters and you can like to wind yourself up.

It could be you are a man’s man and the Air King or Oyster Perpetual Date or no Date of your group.  You are automatic, baby, and your screw down is tight in the back and the crown.  When you have a date you show her off with a magnifying glass at 3 o’clock and you don’t love to swim, although you do look great in you swimming trunks.

You are an Explorer, a GMT Master, a Submariner and a Yacht Master.  You are a Sportsman.  You are on automatic all the time and on the move and you are screwed down tight as a drum in the back and on the crown.  You are a rare breed of stainless steel, 14 kt. gold, and 18 kt. gold and sometimes even platinum.  If you have a date, you always show them off with a magnifying glass, because they are always perfect at 3 o’clock.  You are rugged.

You are the President.  You are solid gold and always have a date.  You never have a screw loose.  Sometimes I might be plastic, but that is on purpose and sometimes I might be sapphire, it just depends on what year I was born, I am very vain.  The older I am the slower I set.  I am the best of the best and hold the most important position.

Which Rolex Watch Style are you?

I’m Sporty.

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