Rolex Watch DatejustI am slightly obsessed with Rolex.  I think it is the most superior watch on the market, holds its value better than any watch you will ever own, can be worn from the bedroom to the boardroom and then to the bottom of the ocean and is frankly just badass.  I have not found one thing about any Rolex watch I have ever owned that I dislike.

Because of this obsession, which I only felt would be fair to share with my all of my three readers; I am starting a Rolex watch series.  This is going to be a comprehensive series about the styles and model numbers for each style, so that when you go out and buy a pre owned Rolex watch or a brand new Rolex watch you will know without a doubt that the Rolex watch you purchase is true blue 100% authentic because this will be your number one go-to resource!

Rolex Watch Models

Rolex Air-King – This watch is one of the most popular and least expensive in the Rolex line of watches.  Its history is interesting though because it was popular during the 1930’s with British RAF pilots.  After World War II ended Hans Wilsdorf renamed the watch that the pilots wore to war the Air King and it has been around ever since.

Rolex Cellini – Cellini is a sub-brand of Rolex, which are manufactured with precious metals, for both men and women. They usually come in various shapes other than the standard round Rolex shape. They were first manufactured in 1975 and these watches are considered to be works of art and leave a lasting impression.

Rolex Date – The Rolex Date began production in the 1950’s around the same time as the Datejust.  The case is 34 mm and it has a date function on the front.  This watch has gone through many changes over the years, but one thing remains the same, which is that it is a great watch.

Rolex Datejust – This is the best selling Rolex watch that they have ever produced and has been since it was introduced in 1945.  Today this model comes in all shapes, sizes and variations, but that wasn’t always the case, or the watch case as the case may be.

Rolex Explorer I & II – No, these are not the same watch, although technically they the Rolex Explorer II did derive from the I, but I am grouping them together here for ease of space and time.  First generation was great and second generation is fabulous.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual – This watch is basically the Air-King, but larger and it is also really a model, but every Rolex is an Oyster Perpetual.  I know, it can start to get confusing.  As this series goes on, I’ll explain it greater detail, don’t worry.

Rolex Submariner – My all time favorite. This watch can go under the sea and was introduced in 1954.  This watch can go under the sea.  I am not going to say anything more, because I don’t think I need to say anything else about it.

Rolex Sea Dweller – The Sea Dweller was introduced in 1971 and discontinued in 2008.  Now, it is the Deepsea, which is basically the same watch as the Submariner with a heavier case and no Cyclops.

Rolex GMT-Master/GMT-Master II – Another of my all favorites in the Rolex family.  I have written several articles about this watch as well.  This is one of the first watches that could tell time in multiple time zones, and can be difficult to set, unless you know how to work it correctly.  This is why it is so important to find out how to work your watch before you wear it out of the store!

Rolex Daytona – The “Who’s Your Daddy” of all the Rolex Models.  Although this watch got a slow start, it helped when Paul Newman endorsed it and sent it into oblivion.  This is the most complex of all Rolex models and one of the more expensive models that is not blinged out with diamonds and such.

That covers the mainstay of the models; stay tuned for our next segment in the Rolex Model Series next week when we explore the Air-King in greater detail!

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