Rolex Watch Repair

In addition to buying and selling fine watches, Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers offers a full-compliment of Rolex watch repair services for the greater Houston area. Rolex servicing and repair can be a bit of a mystery, so we’ve put together a few common questions to help our customers!

How often should I have my Rolex serviced?

Most watch experts agree that Rolex watches should serviced at least every 5 years. Fine Swiss watches contain many moving parts that require light and heavy oils to operate without friction. Think of servicing your watch the same way you would change the oil in your car! There are also several gaskets and seals that deteriorate over time and need to be replaced for a Rolex to perform to it’s full potential. Regular servicing of your fine watch will help your investment last a lifetime.

What is the difference between refinishing and a COA (clean-oil-adjust)?

Watch refinishing is the process of restoring all of the exposed metal surfaces to their original condition. Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers can restore platinum, white gold, and yellow gold watches.

A COA (clean-oil-adjust) is essentially a tune-up service for your Rolex. The watch is taken apart in-house by our Rolex watch repair expert and all oils, gaskets, and seals are replaced to ensure that your watch works properly for years to come

Rolex Watch Repair

How long has Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers worked with fine watches?

Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers has been in business for over 25 years, but our love of Rolex watches goes back even further than that! Sergio Nuncio, our in-house watch expert, started buying and selling watches at the young age of 17. He quickly became an expert on Rolex watches and other fine brands, and over the last 30 years has used his experience buying and selling watches to make Jonathan’s one of the top fine watch retailers in Houston.

So you specialize in Rolex watch repair, but do you repair other fine watch brands?

Yes! Jonathan’s repairs all of the following brands:

  • Rolex
  • Cartier
  • Patek Phillipe
  • Omega
  • Tag Heuer
  • IWC
  • Piaget
  • Vacheron Constantine

Rolex Watch Repair

What other fine watch services does Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers provide?

Buy and Sell

Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers buys and sells Rolex and other fine watches. We have the ability to overnight any requested watch to our Houston showroom. Jonathan’s offers the best prices for used watches and sells new and used watches at the lowest prices in Houston. To submit your watch for quote click here.

Titan Black

We work closely with Titan Black to provide bespoke watches for customers that want their watch to truly stand out in the crowd. Titan Black isn’t just a fancy paint job – it’s a complete overhaul with state of the art processes and space aged materials. See our recent blog post about Titan Black customizations to learn more about Titan Black customizations!

In-House Diamond Customizations

Looking to add diamonds to your watch bezel or the band? Jonathan’s has the largest diamond inventory in Texas for you to choose from! We set all of our diamonds in house and can have custom projects completed in as little as two weeks. Contact us here to schedule an appointment for watch customization requests.

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