[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It seems that lately the rage is all about modifying your beautiful Rolex watch.  I am a watch buyer and a watch lover and most specifically a Rolex watch collector and fan, and I’m not so sure how I feel about the modifications that I am seeing on these Rolex’s.

I know that personally, although I think many of these looks are cool, I wouldn’t go and take my Sub or my GMT-Master and let anyone touch them with anything to make them other than the way they are supposed to be and Rolex intended them to be.  But, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t right for someone else.  After all, it’s free will and what’s good for someone else just might not be right for the other guy.

Something important to remember though, if you buy a Rolex watch that has been blinged out or modified in any way by anyone other than Rolex, it voids any warranty with Rolex and they will not do any work on your watch. Period.  So, be sure that whomever you purchase your Rolex from that did the work on it has a good warranty!!

Rolex Watch Modifications

PVD or DLC Coatings – If you want to turn the stainless on your watch black, this is the way to do it and it seems to be the craze lately.  Time and Gems has a large mix of PVD coated models that range from Rolex Submariners to Sea-Dwellers.  They seem to have the best selection and do a good job and the price is right.  Just remember, their watches are pre-owned and they aren’t an authorized Rolex dealer, so you can’t take this watch to Rolex to get it serviced.

Sapphire Caseback – As you know, the Rolex watch comes with a stainless caseback and always has, but if you want to see your Rolex run, you can by getting a sapphire caseback, or what is also known as an “exhibition caseback” that is found on many other brands.  These casebacks are waterproof to 100 meters and fit most Rolex watches like a glove, just be sure they are fitted by a watchmaker and that the watch is pressure tested after fitting.

Stamped Dial – There are several companies that have come out with various dials you can put on your Rolex watch.  You can have dial that is stamped with the American flag, Mickey Mouse, Stars and Stripes, Sayings or even personalized.  Really, they sky is now the limit.  If you find the right person, they can do it, once again, you aren’t dealing with an authorized dealer and you will pay more for this watch!

Frankenwatch – This term means that you have a real Rolex Watch, or even some other brand, but it doesn’t have all its original parts.  For instance, it might not have original Rolex hands or case.  Or, it could be the bracelet might not be Rolex.  This will lower the value of your watch, and it is at this point that Rolex won’t even consider it a Rolex.  But, with a Frankenwatch, the main thing is, do you love it? Because if you do, then that is all that matters!

Would you modify your Rolex watch?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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