Ever wondered what your Rolex watch box worth is? Find out why we’ll pay you a premium for it! 

Rolex watch box worth

You might not think much about packaging, but this is something that we spend a lot of time on.Especially when it comes to watches.

Consider the watch box.  It’s a thing of beauty for a luxury watch.  The box alone is a very important piece of the purchasing experience.

  • It’s heavy and lined and plush and usually made of some type of teak wood, possibly with a shine or a supple grained leather.
  • The watch box usually has a hinged opening, although sometimes there is a latch.
  • Then once you get inside, there your timepiece is– sitting around a pillow that is nestled deep within the plushness of satin or suede and well protected from the elements.

And, who doesn’t love that the inner watch box comes with an outer watch box that is made of the thickest cardboard. And when you open the top, the front flap usually falls open so the main box can slide right out.

It’s so luxurious and Jonathan’s Watch Buyer wants to buy your watch box. Keep reading for more details on exactly what we’re looking for.

What is Your Rolex Watch Box Worth?

Did you just run into your closets to see what watch boxes you have stored on top shelves? It’s always a good idea to save all of your watch boxes, including the inner and outer boxes, and the sleeve that fits around the outer one.

In fact, the more watch box pieces you keep, the more it is worth.  If you have a box that has every single part it can be worth upwards of $350!

Why Resell Your Watch Box?

Rolex Watch BoxWatch resellers always need watch boxes, and are willing to pay a premium price for them.

Many individuals sell us their watches without the box. Here at Jonathan’s when we resell a watch, we like to send it out with a matching box.

Some watch resellers don’t automatically include the watch box when you purchase a watch, but instead will charge an additional fee to add on a box.

What Type of Watch Box Do Watch Resellers Want?

Tag Heuer Watch BoxWe are really looking for just about anything, but top priority is  any type of watch box that is vintage, especially the vintage Rolex boxes from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Again, watch resellers (Jonathans included) love when the boxes include both the inner and outer box together. You’ll get more money for both.

Don’t have both? It’s worth offering one or the other. We occasionally buy the inner boxes alone and every once in a while we need just the outer.

Watch Boxes We’ll Always Buy:

Want to Find Out Your Rolex Watch Box Worth (and Sell it Too)?

Cartier Watch BoxFind out your watch box worth and sell it to us here at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers!

You can either call us at (832)277-5725 or email  Sergio@jfjco.com. You can also complete the contact form here.

We’ll work with you on finding the best way to get your watch box to us, whether that’s by mail or picking it up from you. You’re always welcome too visit our showroom and drop it off as well!

Schedule an appointment and drop by our showroom to drop off your watch box! Be sure to check out Jonathan’s Facebook page and follow us on our personal Instagram pages!

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