Rolex StyleI have been doing a lot of thinking about this blog and site and what I want to accomplish here.  I want to buy your watches and I want to sell you watches, but what I really love is to style the watches that I am getting, and yes, I love to style my own watches.  It’s amazing what the change of a band can do paired up with a couple of awesome bracelets and some fab shoes and you have a smoking outfit!

So, I am going to start to show you how I like to style and change this from just a blog about watches to a blog about style and watches and men’s style and well just fun. 

Rolex Style

rolexwatchI love to change watch bands as often as I change my underwear, and today I am sporting a Nato strap that has the irie of Jamaica man and makes me want to hit the beach and do a bit of a Rasta dance.

This Nato band changed the look of my submariner for just $14.  I really love this look with the two beaded bracelets that were handmade from this amazing bead lady who lives on the 4th floor of our building.

I had her make these in about a million colors to mix and match it up so I would have plenty to choose from.  Today I went with black and a jade color.

A pop of color on the sox and the gray and black oxford tie ups to add just the right amount of kitsch and I am ready for the rest of my day at work and drinks after.

What’s your Rolex Style?

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