What happens when futuristic technology, classic style, and the iconic functionality of Rolex watches converge?

You get the Rolex Milgauss.

Rolex Milgauss

The Rolex Milgauss was originally intended to be worn by engineers and scientists, but over time has become a staple in both men and women’s watch fashion across all industries.

The Milgauss has several incredible features that by themselves are unlike anything else that Rolex produces, but together perfectly exemplify Rolex’s ingenuity.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons we LOVE the Rolex Milgauss

1. The Technology

The tech inside this watch may be what separates it from all other high end watches – not just within the Rolex family. The original concept in 1956 was to create a watch that an engineer or scientist could wear in the field, without any worry of strong electrical currents effecting the performance of the watch.

Rolex sure did deliver, as always.

The Milgauss was outfitted with a magnetic shield inside of the watch’s classic oyster case. Yesthat’s right. The Milgauss has a freaking magnetic shield. 

If you were to open the case, you would find the symbol for magnetic flux capacity (a capital “B” with a right facing arrow above it) engraved into the internal shield. This feature ensures that the watch’s performance is not effected by magnetic fields that the wearer might experience, up to 1000 guass.

In case you were wondering, “guass” is a unit of measurement for a magnetic field. Rolex took the French word for 1000 – “mille” –  and combined it with guass to create the Milgauss name. Basically the term reflects how high of a magnetic field the watch can withstand.

2. The Style

The style of the Milgauss is the perfect mix of refinement and simplicity.


No complex bezel or multiple design elements on the face here! The Milgauss makes use of an easy to read face with a color palate that “pops”.

Rolex also went with a lightning bolt second hand design to stay true to the watch’s scientific origins. That feature has become the iconic Milgauss symbol.


As previously mentioned, the Rolex Milgauss features the comfortable oyster case, as well as the three piece link oyster bracelet.

One of the latest Milgauss releases features a blue face (Ref. #116400V) or a white face (Ref. #116400).

At Jonathan’s, we usually find that the blue or black (Ref. #116400) dialed Milgauss tend to be very popular with businessmen, while the white faced Milgauss makes an elegant women’s watch.

For a little extra flair, the white faced watch can be worn with a comfortable white band in lieu of the oyster bracelet.

Our favorite version

The green sapphire crystal is hands down our favorite stylistic features of the Milgauss. Depending on the angle that you view the face of the watch, the green crystal gives the illusion of the face’s color changing from lighter to darker. It’s just another cool detail that sets the Milgauss apart from the “traditional” rolex.

3. The Functionality

The Milgauss carries much of the same functionality that is synonymous with the Rolex brand. The watch is water resistant up to 330 feet, and uses the powerful in-house caliber 3031 movement.

Overall, the Milguass is a great everyday wear, casual watch. You could absolutely pair it with a suit in a formal setting or some light water activity, but it really shines in a business casual environment.

It’s also not an “in your face” Rolex, so you can feel comfortable wearing it in any relaxed social setting.

Final Thoughts on the Rolex Milgauss

Every Rolex collection should have at least one Milgauss. They’re unique, stylish, and add a little low-key panache to any wardrobe.

One other positive attribute-– they’re one of the more affordable Rolex models. Retail prices start around $8,000.

Technical Specs for the latest Rolex Milgauss (ref. 116400GV)


Oystersteel, 40 mm


40 mm





300m (approximately 1,000 feet)


Perpetual, mechanical , self-winding , with a magnetic shield to protect the movement


3131, Manufacture Rolex


• Oyster, solid links
• Rolex Glidelock extension system (approx. 20 mm in increments of approx. 2 mm)


Folding safety clasp




Approximately 48 hours

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