Rolex Hulk vs. Kermit

When it comes to well known Rolex models, the Hulk and Kermit are equally famous. But if you can only purchase one, how do you decide between the Rolex Hulk vs. Kermit?

We’ve broken down all the similarities and differences between these two signature Rolex green models to help you choose the best fit.

First, let’s look at a brief history of each watch.

History of the Rolex Hulk, Reference 116610LV 

The hulk debuted in 2010 at Bazelworld. It replaced the older anniversary edition Submariner introduced all the way back in 2003.

Rolex fans didn’t automatically warm to the all green dial and bezel combo, but the Hulk quickly gained a loyal following.

The ‘Hulk’ nickname was obvious given the legendary Submariner toughness paired with the iconic green color.

History of the Rolex Kermit, Reference 16610LV

Prior to Hulk, there was Kermit. The Rolex Kermit was released on the Submariner’s 50th anniversary. A flashy new green bezel attracted a whole new Rolex following.

Submariners were no longer the pinnacle of timeless tradition. The Kermit was introduced for those who crave more than just blending in. These new Rolex fans were all about breaking molds and stepping outside the box.

Rolex Hulk and Kermit Similarities

It’s easy to confuse these two Rolex models. Both the Rolex Hulk and Kermit models share these key features:

  • both Submariners
  • iconic green hue
  • oyster bracelets
  • caliber 3135 movement
  • 40 mm case
  • identical depth ratings (300m or 1,000 ft)
  • increased resell values

Next let’s look at the notable Hulk and Kermit differences.

Rolex Hulk vs. Kermit (Bezel)

Rolex Hulk vs. Kermit

Firstly, the bezel is perhaps the most important difference on these models. There’s a significant difference in the color and material of each model.

Kermit: The Kermit features a corrosion resistant 904L stainless steel bezel in a forest green hue.

Hulk: On the other hand, the Hulk was fitted with a Cerachrom bezel. The color is a richer, emerald green when compared side by side with a Kermit.

Cerachrom won’t scratch, fade, or get scuffed nearly as quickly as the steel used in older bezel models (like the Kermit). In addition, Rolex also makes use of platinum for all of the markers and numbers on the Cerachrom bezel.

Hulk vs. Kermit (Dial)

Next is the dial. It’s easy to see the dial differences in color, but it goes even deeper than the hue.

Hulk: The Hulk’s dial is the same prominent green that’s seen on the bezel. But the surface of the Hulk’s dial has been given a ‘sunburst’ finish rather than just a plain glossy finish.

Kermit: The Kermit’s dial is plain, glossy black.

Rolex Hulk vs. Kermit (Case and Crown)

The Hulk and Kermit both feature a 40 mm case, but the Hulk appears significantly bigger on the wrist.

Hulk: That’s because the Rolex Hulk case received an upgrade. It features the “Rolex Super Case” which means it has significantly broader lugs and crown guards.

While the case diameter remains the same, the new Super Case proportions give the Hulk a chunkier and more angular appearance.

Hulk vs. Kermit (Bracelet)

Lastly, the bracelets on each model are technically the same (Oyster), but have differing features.

Hulk: The Hulk’s bracelet features completely solid links and a machined Oysterlock safety clasp with a Glidelock extension system. This allows for the bracelet to be instantly adjusted in 2mm increments (up to roughly 20mm) without the use of any tools.

Kermit: However, the Kermit’s bracelet features the classic Oysterlock clasp.

Which is the Better Investment?

Both models have been discontinued, so their resell value keeps climbing. There’s typically a wait list for either model.

The Kermit was discontinued in 2010 as the Hulk replaced it. Therefore resell prices trended upward for the Kermit. The Hulk model was discontinued when Submariners were fitted with a 41 mm case rather than the 40 mm case in 2020.

It really comes down to personal preferences. The Kermit tends to appeal to traditional Sub collectors, while contemporary Rolex connoisseurs are drawn to the Hulk.

Both the Hulk and the Rolex Kermit are superior watches that will only continue to climb in value. There’s no wrong choice here, and both will continue to be a great time keeping investment.

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