Rolex Deepsea

Rock. Freaking. Solid. The Rolex Deepsea is about as tough as it gets for a fine watch. If you’re looking for a watch that’s beautiful and super rugged at the same time, you’ll want to give this one a serious look.

The Roots

Every aspect of the Rolex Deepsea was designed to be the king of professional dive watches. The entire project was inspired by James Cameron’s 2012 record breaking solo dive to the lowest known point on earth. James Cameron, the famous Canadian filmmaker, piloted the “Deepsea Challenger” alone to a depth of 35,787 feet. The dive was conducted at the Marina Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

The event was eventually made into a 3D movie, and was in partnership with the National Geographic Society and Rolex.

The Watch

The Deepsea is essentially a REALLY souped up Submariner. The watch has a bigger first impression than the Sub, and definitely feels more solid than it’s counterpart. It’s a tool designed specifically for professional divers, and it’s made to go extremely deep. The Deepsea is water resistant up to 12,800 feet.


Easily the Deepsea’s most striking feature, the dial is patterned to represent Cameron’s dive by fading from a rich blue color to black. It’s surrounded by a black ceramic bezel (made from Cerachrom), and covered by 5mm thick sapphire crystal.


Equipped with the Chromalight display, the Deepsea’s luminesence lasts twice as long as standard luminescent materials. In addition to the markers on the dial, the zero marker on the bezel also glows.

Case and Bracelet

The Deepsea uses 904L stainless steel, which is a special blend made exclusively by Rolex. To account for extreme depths while diving, the case back is made out of titanium. Titanium is an alloy that is strong, but still flexible enough to adjust as pressure pushes the watch components closer together. The Oyster bracelet features the Rolex “Gridlock Extension System”. This allows divers to adjust the watch over their suit quickly and easily.

Helium Escape Valve

The helium escape valve is probably the coolest feature of the Deepsea (that admittedly you may not use very often). When professional divers go to extreme depths, they are placed in a decompression chamber afterwards. Helium is part of the mix of gases used in the chamber. In normal watches, the helium could be enough to pop the crystal off of the watch, but the Deepsea has a special valve that allows helium to escape as needed!

The Technical Specs

Model Case – 44mm Oyster Steel

Diameter – 44mm

Material – 904L Steel

Bezel – Unidirectional rotatable 60 minute with black Cerachrom, all details in platinum

Winding Crown – Screw down, Triplock

Water Resistance – 12,800 feet

Dial – D Blue

Clasp – Folding Oysterlock with Glidelock system

Bracelet – Oyster, three piece

Calibre – 3135

Power Reserve – 48 hours

Movement – Perpetual, self-winding, mechanical

Final Thoughts

If you want a watch that has a nice visual pop and wears a little bigger, you’ll love the Deepsea. Because it’s one of the more recent designs from Rolex, it uses the very popular Cerachrom bezel that has been rolling out on their most popular watches lately. The use of ceramic means less scratches and wear over time, especially since it’s paired with the scratch-proof sapphire crystal.

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