Rolex Custom Diamond Bezel

rolex custom diamond bezel

We sell just about every Rolex watch imaginable here at Jonathan’s. Though probably not the case, it seems like we have bought and sold every Rolex model in the book.

When it comes to buying your first or fifth Rolex there is one common mistake we see consumers make over and over again: Trying to “upgrade” a beautiful timepieces with lower quality, aftermarket products.

There is nothing worse you can do for the value of your timepiece. Attaching  a bunch of poor quality, aftermarket pieces to your Rolex is NOT good. Your jeweler should inform you of this.

If not, they’re doing you a disservice, and potentially reducing the watches worth by thousands of dollars. 

There is actually a right way to customize your Rolex watch bezel. Keep reading for Sergio’s most important pieces of advice. 

1. Keep all Original Rolex Pieces

Rolex Diamond Bezel
Rolex Lady-Datejust Diamond Bezel

This is probably the most important detail. No matter what product you end up putting on your Rolex, ALWAYS keep the original pieces.

If you ever decide to sell or trade in your watch, the next person will most likely want the all original version.  No one else in life has your exact taste.

You may absolutely love your upgraded diamond bezel. Jim, on the other hand, buying a graduation gift for his son’s first Rolex may not want the “bling bling”!

2. Choose the Proper Diamonds

The second piece of advice is: Always choose the best quality diamonds for any Rolex bezel upgrade you want to make. 

Think of it this way. You wouldn’t take your new Versace suit to get tailored at Wal-Mart. Quality needs quality. Sticking an inferior bezel on your beautiful hand crafted time piece is a sin. 

Diamonds in the bezel need to have the highest brilliance possible. These diamonds are tiny, so you’ll want maximum sparkle capacity.

Ensure the diamonds are not only high in color and clarity, but also CUT. The specific diamond cut will make the bezel really pop and sparkle. Your best bet for the bezel are round, brilliant cut diamonds. 

This particular cut was actually designed and engineered specifically to have the strongest possible sparkle. A round, brilliant cut diamond has 58 facets, while allow light to enter and reflect off of every surface. 

See also: History of the Round, Brilliant Cut Diamond

Everyday dirt and oils can make diamonds appear dull over time. A quality, glittering diamond won’t need to be cleaned as often.  


How We Build Your Custom Bezel

We believe it all starts with a love for Rolex. Sergio and the team truly have a passion for all aspects of a Rolex watch:   

  • how they are built
  • they way they look
  • the feeling we get when wearing one

When you have such a deep love and appreciation for something, it’s hard to ruin it. Except bad customization jobs. Those will ruin a perfectly good Rolex every time. 

Our diamond knowledge paired with generations of experience allow us to build the perfect accessories for clients’ watches.

Let’s look at the process for creating a Rolex custom diamond bezel. 

First we always pick the diamonds for a custom bezel together with the client. Sergio and team want each customer to feel comfortable with each and every diamond being set into their watch bezel.

We should mention that we have one of the largest selections of loose diamonds in all of Texas. So you know you’re in good hands. 

After diamond selection, we’ll work with a (if not the most) skilled watchmaker to dissemble and reassemble your Rolex.

Then, we’ll carefully and precisely arrange each diamond inside of the bezel. Finally, with extreme skill and patience, we ensure your Rolex is correctly reassembled.  The Rolex will maintain the integrity of the original pieces. 

Imagine this. You jump in the pool wearing your fancy, brand new upgraded Rolex, and see condensation build up inside of the crystal. A Rolex watch may lose its waterproofness if it isn’t properly reassembled. That’s one of our biggest fears as a Rolex watch owner. 

Rest assured your customized Rolex will be returned good as new. 



Do you have questions about which Rolex watch upgrades are worthwhile and which ones should be avoided? We’ll be happy to provide our thoughts and walk you through each step of the process.

If you’re considering a Rolex custom diamond bezel upgrade, give us a call today or schedule an appointment.

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