“Look in all the dictionaries, there is no word for what we do. It’s not ‘tradition’, though our craft is timeless. ‘Limitless’ is too limiting. ‘Enduring’ is not enduring enough. ‘Innovation’ can only begin to describe it. We sculpt, paint and explore. But explorers, sculptors and painters we are not. This is the only thing we make. The only thing we will ever make. There is no word for what we do. There’s only a way. The Rolex Way.” -Rolex.com

We’re continuing our look into spectacular people who wear the Rolex brand, and what better group to examine than the elite athletes of our time? The above quote from the Rolex website perfectly captures the essence of what makes our sports heroes special. There may not be a word for how we feel as we live vicariously through their accomplishments, because words can’t do that feeling justice.

The following Rolex athletes are as iconic as the watches that they wear on their wrists.

Michael Jordan

Honestly, does it really surprise you that Jordan wears Rolex watches at all? Even to this day, Michael Jordan remains the undisputed best player in basketball history (sorry Lebron), and wowed everyone who watched him play with his tenacity and killer instinct. Even though his time in the game has passed, he’s still as elite in the business world as he ever was on the court with his multiple entrepreneurial ventures.

His Airness has a Rolex collection that’s almost as extensive as his NBA championship trophies, and it includes a 50th Anniversary Platinum Daytona Ref 116506, Platinum Rolex Day-Date Ref 118206, Two-tone Datejust Ref 179173, and a Rolex Masterpiece Ref 18946 among others.

His airness wearing a platinum Rolex Daytona as he observes a basketball game

Tiger Woods

Unfortunately, Tiger Woods has recently been through a number of troubles in the media and looks to be on the downside of his career. However, at one point he was truly spectacular on the golf course, and is easily the most accomplished and incredible golfer we have seen since Jack Nicklaus (who is also a Rolex brand ambassador).

Tiger currently has an official sponsorship with Rolex, which is significant because he previously was with Tag Heuer before his public issues in 2009. An interesting side fact? Woods was actually sponsored by the Rolex sub-brand ‘Tudor’ when he first began his pro golfing career.

Tiger has been seen wearing an 18-karat white gold 41mm Oyster Perpetual Day-Date II Ref 218238, President Day-Date Ref 18238, and a Deep Sea SeaDweller Ref 116600 in recent years.

Tiger woods wearing his Rolex Deep-Sea at a press conference

Roger Federer

17 Grand Slams, 300 weeks at #1 in the world, and an Olympic gold medalist. Yeah, it’s perfectly acceptable to call Roger Federer a living legend. Those are just a few of the reasons that Rolex decided to team up with Federer (not to mention that he is Swiss as well). Even after dealing with a few injuries in 2013, he has already climbed back to #2 in the world just two years later.

Federer has had the type of consistency and greatness throughout the course of his career that pairs perfectly with the Rolex brand. Federer regularly wears a Day-Date Ref 115200, 1981 Daytona Ref 6263, as well as a Datejust Ref 1620. Check out this awesome video of Roger showing off his favorite Rolex watches:

Caroline Wozniacki

There was no way we could leave Wozniacki off our list! As one of the great tennis players and female athletes of all time, the Danish born Caroline Wozniacki is a perfect fit as one of Rolex’s sponsored athletes. She officially signed with Rolex in 2010, shortly before she became one of the highest-paid female athletes according to Forbes.

Wozniacki’s Rolex watch of choice is an 18k white gold and stainless steel oyster perpetual Datejust, with a round diamond bezel Ref 116244.


Caroline Wozniacki wearing her 18k white gold and stainless steel oyster perpetual Datejust, with a round diamond bezel.



David Beckham

It’s OK to admit it…you wouldn’t mind being David Beckham for a day. His on and off the field accomplishments are endless, and he is an absolute icon in Great Britain and around the world.  Also, he’s married to Victoria Beckham, and that certainly doesn’t hurt. While Beckham is officially pushing Breitling watches nowadays, he has long been known to be a huge Rolex fan.

His favorite Rolex is his blacked-out Deep-sea SeaDweller, but he has also been seen with an 18k yellow gold Datejust on a black leather strap, as well as a stainless Deep-sea SeaDweller with a black dial Ref 116600. Just as a side note – Victoria Beckham also owns a men’s Rolex Presidential Day-Date with a champagne colored dial Ref 118238!

David and Victoria Beckham both sporting their Rolex's at a sporting event.

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