WimbledonRoger Federer might be wearing a Rolex watch and the official tennis face of Rolex and Rolex might be the official timekeeper of Wimbledon, but Roger Federer is no longer wearing that Rolex watch on the hallowed grass courts of Wimbledon in 2013.

Roger Federer was beat in the second round by the number 115-ranked Ukrainian, who up to now, no one had ever even heard of.  Well, now we have, and the question I want to know is this, did Roger’s Rolex lose anytime during this 4 setter.

Rolex and Wimbledon

For over 30 years, Rolex has played an important role in Wimbledon’s history, and this one was going to be a really big one with Roger Federer.  You see, it was the 10-year anniversary and if Rog had won he would have been the greatest player alive and he would have done it with a Rolex on.

Poor Rog.  I think he truly does define what an athlete is.  He is always calm and composed on the court, unlike when McEnroe was out there playing, and he has beautiful strokes that look effortless as he smashes the ball across the court at top speed.  He is grace personified, both on and off the court and he is a winner, even if he lost in the second round.

As far as Rolex and Wimbledon, we know that the storied tradition of time keeping and tennis will continue, because why wouldn’t it?  A classy watch for a classy sport.  Now, Rolex just needs to come up with a watch that is specifically made for tennis.

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