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Christmas is in a week and Hanukkah started this week, but you don’t have to worry, because Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers has your covered for last minute ready to be wrapped custom jewelry gift ideas! We know that buying holiday gifts is super stressful, but we make it super simple.

Why Custom Jewelry?

We specialize in custom jewelry. In fact, our bread and butter are custom engagement rings. You know, where you choose the diamond, design the ring and get something just for your loved one. But, we also design custom earrings, necklaces, bracelets…you name it and we can design it for you.

Custom jewelry is the gift that keeps giving. It is something you took the time and effort to have designed and made for your loved one. It is an original, a one of a kind, and nothing says love that.

Custom jewelry always has the recipient in mind. Buying off the shelves is great. If you want to buy something for the holidays out of our inventory, we love that. If you want to buy a pre-owned luxury piece, we love that. We really love when you want to buy something that is made just for that person in mind.

More value for the money. Most people think custom costs more, and sometimes it does, depending on the number of stones and gold you are going to be using. Stores charge more for anything that can be bought off the shelf than what can be made.  

Amazing quality. There is no question that if you trust your jeweler, such as Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, then you will get better quality for something that is made especially for you than you might get from something bought off a shelf. The time and care that goes into a custom piece is substantial and the manufacturing process is completely different than when a piece is a production piece.

Last Minute Ready to be Wrapped Custom Jewelry Gift Giving Guide

Every year, Jonathan’s makes ready to be wrapped custom jewelry for our clients that just needs to be picked up! We do this so you can give custom jewelry at the last minute when there isn’t time for the design and build process.

Every image we have here is ready to be wrapped custom jewelry. Just call Sergio at 832-277-5725 to make an appointment or reserve your ready to be wrapped custom jewelry. The other option is to make an appointment and come by to see what we have that your loved one will love!

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