How to Read a Rolex Yacht-Master II

If it’s your first time looking at a Yacht-Master II up close you might be overwhelmed by all the numbers on the bezel and face. One Yacht_Master_IIof the most common questions I get regarding this watch is: “How do you read this?”. Here is my quick “cheat sheet” on how to read your Yacht-Master II.

Regatta Chronograph

When looking at the face of a Yacht-Master II the first thing everyone notices is the regatta chronograph and the red-contoured countdown arrow in the center.  A regatta is a boat race that often begins with a 10 Minute countdown.

The wearer can either set this movement or reset depending on the race’s official starting procedure. Putting this countdown on the face of the watch is one of the major changes from the original Yacht-Master and the Yacht-Master II. On the original Yacht-Master, the countdown is on the top right of the bezel between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock.

The Bezel


The numbers on the bezel mirror those numbers on the regatta chronograph. The bezel also works in conjunction with the regatta chronograph, allowing the wearer to set and synchronize the sequence of race start times.

Minute Countdown

The final number wheel on the Yacht-Master is a minute countdown. This smaller wheel will track the seconds in a minute, which is a very common need when sailing.

Our Watches

The Yacht-Master II is one our most popular Rolex models. If you are in the market to sell your Yacht-Master I or II, schedule an appointment, and allow us to make you an offer. If you are considering purchasing one of your own, schedule an appointment with us and come by to view our inventory.

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