If you’re looking for a diamond with a unique shape and plenty of brilliance, the radiant cut diamond is a great option. This diamond’s revolutionary cut and multiple shape options make it a very desirable stone for the bride that wants to move away from the more popular round brilliant or princess cut diamonds in her engagement ring.

The radiant cut diamond features 70 facets and rounded corners, and is essentially a hybrid between the round brilliant, emerald, and princess cut stones.

History of the radiant cut diamond

Henry Grossbard, a master diamond cutter for over 30 years at the time, created the radiant cut diamond in 1977. His main goal was to combine the shape of the emerald cut diamond with the fire and brilliance of other cuts with more facets.

The result was a diamond that is considered one of the most brilliant diamonds that can be found in either a square cut or an elegant rectangular shape.

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Although the square variations can resemble a cushion cut, there is an obvious difference in fire and amount of facets between the two stones. The radiant cut is much more similar to the popular princess cut diamond.

Benefits of choosing a radiant cut diamond

One of the most appealing characteristics for the radiant cut is its ability to hide inclusions. The 70 facets allow for high amounts of light to bounce around the stone, which can make inclusions hard to find.

This is a stark contrast from less brilliant diamonds like the emerald or cushion cut, which have more visible inclusions.

Multiple engagement ring styles

Because of the variations in shape available with the radiant cut diamond, there are many possibilities for engagement ring designs and other types of jewelry!

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We have found that accent diamonds of all types are very compatible with the radiant cut. Their unique shape also makes them a great alternative to round or princess cut diamonds in both solitaire earrings and necklaces.

Famous actresses with radiant cuts

Like all diamond shapes, the radiant cut diamond has found popularity with several A-list celebrities! The most notable are Megan Fox, Khloe Kardashian, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Lopez.

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