Should You Purchase a Triple X Diamond?

rp_c17d80786a5111e291b222000a1f98fa_7-300x300.jpgThe Triple X diamond boasts excellent cut, polish, and symmetry and is one of the most highly sought after diamonds for those that are on the quest for the perfect engagement stone. These diamonds are truly incredible and have a high demand for a reason – They look great, especially under 10x magnification. The only real downside?

The price

I’d like to pull back the curtain for a moment on the diamond buying industry, and show you how a Triple X diamond can cost up to 20% more than a fair cut stone with the SAME size, color, and clarity. The most important question when it comes to this kind of purchase is this: Are you getting 20% more “wow” factor with a Triple X when she opens the box? The answer is an emphatic maybe, unless your future wife has unbelievably good vision (we’re talking microscope vision here).

Before I go on, if you are wondering why a diamond company would share this kind of money saving information with potential customers, you need to understand our business model first. At Jonathan’s Fine Jewelry we want to create lifetime relationships with our customers, not just one time sales.

We believe that education and transparency are extremely important for this, and really go a long way in developing strong trust between our clients and us. The more that we can teach you about our products, the better. It’s pretty simple really. 🙂

Here are the main things you need to know if you are considering a Triple X diamond for your engagement ring:


Labor costs are THE major contributing factor to why a Triple X diamond will hit your wallet harder than other similar stones. Cutting a Triple X diamond takes more time and expertise than a fair cut diamond, and can cost up to three times as much as the latter stone. The higher labor costs translate to higher buying prices for diamond dealers, and eventually a higher price for the customer.

Weight Retention:

The process of cutting a Triple X diamond takes away almost 20% more of the carat weight than that of a comparable fine cut diamond. This means that for the same price you could get a noticeably larger diamond, or upgrade the color and clarity for the same price.

If you want to save some money for the honeymoon, you can buy a diamond with the same color and clarity and a less expensive cut and save thousands of dollars!

Diamond Identification:

When you walk into Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers new showroom (it’s really nice by the way), you have to understand that you are going to observe our diamond inventory in a completely controlled and awesome environment.

We let you hold the diamonds, look at them through a loop, microscope or any other tool that you would like to use. The lighting is the same throughout the process, and you will have one of our diamond experts explain the differences between any stones that you would like to compare.

When it comes to a Triple X diamond, you will absolutely see the difference under 10x magnification with our help. However, your future wife will most likely never compare a fine cut and a Triple X side by side in the same environment (unless you would like her to, we would be happy to oblige).

Honestly, people who are not diamond experts won’t see any difference with the naked eye. In addition, today’s popular ring designs like the Halo make it even more difficult to see the differences in a diamond’s cut.

As the buyer, you need to decide if you want to pay up to 20% more for something that you may not be able to see.

Now, please don’t think that we are telling you not to buy a Triple X diamond or that they are a bad deal. They’re really nice, I promise. If you have the budget for it and are dying to get your hands on one, we would LOVE to show you our Triple X diamond inventory.

We can also show you other extraordinary cuts like Super Ideal, Ideal Cut diamonds or Hearts and Arrows diamonds. Everyone has different budgets and goals with their engagement rings.

We’re diamond dealers – we like and have them all.

Our goal is to help you maximize your budget and feel like the man when you get on one knee. Call us, email us, or drop us a message on our Facebook page and schedule a time to meet with one of our diamond experts.

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