Pocket WatchTo me there is nothing more beautiful than a pocket watch, and I sometimes wish I lived during the days when men wore pocket watches on chains and hung them in their pockets.  I think pocket watches are elegant and beautiful, especially when they are well made and in fabulous vintage condition.

I have to admit that I don’t see a lot of pocket watches come across my desk as a watch buyer, but I did get to see the most fabulous pocket watch I believe Jonathan’s Watch Buyer has ever owned to date.  A Patek Philippe made for N. Matson & Co. in Chicago 18 kt. Gold pocket watch.

The Patek Philippe Pocket Watch

I can’t even remember exactly how we bought this watch.  I do know it came from the original owner’s granddaughter.  I know that she had it sitting in a jewelry box and thought it wasn’t worth anything except for the gold that the watch was cased in.  She didn’t know that it was Patek Philippe.  I don’t know if she even knew what Patek Philippe was.

This pocket watch is rare.  There weren’t that many made.  What makes this watch so amazing is that the little boy who owned it so many years ago scratched the date into the case.  1929.  I think about that little boy sitting down with his pocketknife and marking this watch to make sure that he can recognize it from so many others that have similar ones during that year.


I imagine that boy with his tongue between his teeth as his chubby fingers wind the watch up and the delight he shows as he opens the back to watch the movement and hear the ticking of the seconds on the chronograph as they go by.


As this boy got older, perhaps that was when he had his initials engraved on the front of the watch case.  Maybe when he graduated from college or got a promotion.  Either way, he loved this watch and took great care of it, because it is in excellent condition, and still has the original pouch.


This watch is not only rare in the fact that there were very few made, but it is rare in its beauty and history and this, my friends, is what I love about vintage watches and especially the pocket watch.

If you would like to purchase this pocket watch, please contact Sergio@jfjco.com or call Sergio at 832-277-5725.

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