platinumPlatinum Engagement RingWhen it comes to picking a metal for your jewelry, we get people who think that it’s better to have platinum than gold, and then we have people who say they want gold because it’s stronger than platinum.  And yet we still have people who say that they think that platinum is more expensive than gold.  The truth is,  and when you are thinking of which metal to use, the differences should really just be a personal preference in the end.

Platinum – The Benefits

One thing about this metal is that it is naturally white, unlike gold, which is yellow.  This means that to turn gold white, you have to add an alloy to it, and you don’t have to do this with platinum. Because it is is 95% pure, with no other added alloys, it will never fade or tarnish, although it will develop its own beautiful patina over time.  Also, it is hypoallergenic and gold is not, so it is ideal if you have sensitive skin.

Although platinum is not a scare mineral, it is more rare than gold and generally more desirable than gold. Platinum was used in jewelry long before gold and has shown that it can last longer than a lifetime, and because of this, it makes for a secure setting for precious stones, which is why it is often used in engagement rings.  Also, when this metal is scratched, it doesn’t lose any of its weight.  In other words, once a ring or piece of jewelry is made, it can get scratched and polished and won’t ever thin the metal and will retain the original integrity of the weight.

Platinum Vs. The Other Metals

The metal


White Gold


Won’t change color xxx x xxx
Won’t wear away xxx x xx
Holds diamonds securely xxx x x
Feels significant xxx xx x
Is pure xxx x xxx
Is hypoallergenic xxx x x
Is rare xxx x xx

Most     xxx               Least x

Just Ask Jonathan

This post was inspired by a few questions that we got from a reader, so I am going to end it with her questions and some answers.

1. Does platinum instantly warm to body temperature when worn or it is this quality exclusive to gold?  Platinum will not warm quite as instantly as gold but I wouldn’t think that would be a deciding factor, as I have never had anyone complain about the thermal conductivity of platinum in terms of comfort.

2) Can it be engraved? Yes, this metal can be engraved. The problem metals for engraving would be tungsten, cobalt and titanium.

3) Can it be repaired and resized? Platinum can be repaired and resized, but if there are diamonds in the metal, a laser welder might be required so in some smaller cities that could be an issue.

4) Are your wedding bands custom hand-made or are they cast? Our wedding bands are cast and we generally order them from large wedding band manufacturers who have the most popular designs in their system (to avoid a design charge each time).  We can, however, make a wedding band by rolling out the metal on a rolling mill and we can also cast in our own shop if you want a custom design.  The cost would be substantially higher and I cannot advise you of whether this is a good idea until I see the type of ring you are interested in.

Platinum – A Final Thought

Platinum might run you a bit more than white gold, and unless I am asked I don’t offer my opinion on which I prefer, because this is another area where it is up to the couple, but I would strongly recommend you look at the differences in the price of platinum and white gold before you make a decision, unless of course, you go with the other other white meat, and choose yellow gold.

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