[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Radiant_DiamondWe are in the business of selling diamonds.  Most specifically, our target market is men and women who are getting engaged or men who are purchasing diamonds for that special lady in their life and want not only the stone but also the setting, whether it is for a ring, earrings, a pendant or a bracelet.

There is no right way or wrong way to buy a diamond, but what I have found in my 30 plus years in this business that there are definite approaches that seem to pop up more often than not.

8 Ways to Buy the Perfect Diamond

  1. Armed with Information. The buyer who comes in with a folder that has sheaves of print outs and notes from the Internet on the perfect diamond. He knows the 4 C’s, and he is positive that he knows exactly what he is looking for based on stats he has read without ever seeing a stone.
  2. Armed with No Information.  The buyer who has done no research and does not know what they want or the differences in cut, color or clarity. Most of the time, they don’t even know exactly what their budget is.
  3. Armed with A Budget. This buyer has a budget in mind and is open as to what he can get within that budget.  He wants to see everything he can within his budget and makes his choice based on what he can afford to spend.
  4. Armed with A Girlfriend. The man who comes in with the girlfriend generally sits back and allows the girlfriend to take over the meeting and make all the decisions.  While he is answering emails and she is gazing at diamonds, until she picks the final one, he is a bystander.
  5. Armed with a Mother. This buyer is similar to the buyer with the girlfriend, but the mother is the one that makes the decisions. The mother makes the final decision and generally doesn’t even consult the son, although the son often consults the mother for answers when he is questioned directly.
  6. Armed with a Buddy. This man needs the moral support of a friend to hold his hand and help him with one of the biggest financial decisions he is going to make. He is nervous and unsure and laughs and makes jokes quite a bit during the whole process, but leaves feeling confident that he is doing the right thing, usually with a fist bump.
  7. Armed with Negotiating Skills. This buyer will talk you down in price on everything from the price of the diamond to the cost of the ring to the engraving to the time it will take to get the ring made.
  8. Armed with Love. This is the man that knows what his soon to be fiancé wants. He is enthusiastic and excited and can’t wait to pick out the perfect stone for his perfect girl.  He is animated and involved and knows the second he sees the stone that she will love.

What ways have you seen people buy a diamond? What way would you buy a diamond?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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