The Pantone Color of 2015: Marsala

MarsalaAs we close in on the holiday season, I thought it would be a good idea to look to what’s around the corner, the Spring 2015 color palette.

Spring’s color palette is considered minimalist, with softer and cooler colors like toasted almond, strawberry ice, and custard. This is a very organic palette, that is calming and relaxed. The pantone color of the year is Marsala, which balances the whole palette in a earthy warm foundation.

Marsala, is a red-brown color, that reminds me of food. (Maybe it’s the name and my love for chicken marsala) It is a very calming color that I personally find very balanced. I am not the color expert, but I would guess that the same amount of brown and the same amount of red were mixed together to create this deep color.


Well I am not 100% sure how these color will work in fashion; I can make some guesses on how it will work in jewelry.

If you paid attention during Mercedes New York Fashion Week, than you know that 2015 will be year of romantic lace, bohemian dresses, and denim luxe. I love these looks. It’s like they took the best designs of the 70’s and gave them a new pulse. In my opinion, brushed metals like platinum, white gold and stainless steel, will lead the way in accessories. I really can’t think of anything better than high polished platinum on the color of Marsala. It would look fantastic.



I also expect to see the trend in gemstone jewelry to keep momentum. There are some many complimentary gemstones to this palette. Especially stones like turquoise, aquamarine and blue topaz. These set in platinum or white gold would look killer with some of these colors.

Let’s check back in mid-2015, to see if I am on the money or not.

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