As a jeweler based in Houston, we have a special understanding of watches that are inspired by space exploration. The Omega Moonwatch series is based almost completely on the Apollo missions that put Houston front and center during the 1960’s and 70’s. Omega has always used space as an inspiration, and the Moonwatch lineup is the embodiment of that.

All of the watches show in this post are variations of the Omega Speedmaster.

Omega Moonwatch: Black, Grey, and White Sides of the Moon

Omega Moonwatch Line

For the Moonwatch lineup, Omega decided to take the idea of the Moon’s powdery surface and use it to create the centerpiece for their designs. All of the Moonwatch cases are made of Zirconium Oxide Ceramic, which is put through a unique process to create the signature look for these watches.

Here’s a outline of Omega’s ceramic process:

  1. Raw ceramic material (essentially powder) is pressed into shape, which is an oversized version of the eventual Moonwatch case.
  2. The oversized case is then heated in a process called “sintering”, which compacts the raw material into the actual shape and size of the watch case.
  3. The ceramic case is then machined using diamond tools
  4. Plasma heating chambers are used to transform the watch to it’s final polished look
  5. The bezel and other parts of the case are engraved accordingly with lasers

If you haven’t noticed lately – ceramic cases are definitely in style right now. Rolex has produced many of their most popular watch models with them, and Omega has definitely had a strong showing with their versions as well!

The Dark Side of the Moon

Omega Moonwatch - Dark Side of the Moon

As a redesign of the iconic “Moonwatch”, the Dark Side of the Moon is a sleek black ceramic watch with white detailing that pops. There are six variations of this watch, which include several different strap types and accent elements like Sedna Gold and diamonds.

All of the accents on this particular model shown above are made from 18k white gold. The case is the standard 44.25mm, and essentially wears like a sports watch. The words “Dark Side of the Moon” are engraved into the case back.

The Grey Side of the Moon

Omega Moonwatch - Grey Side of the Moon

Literally inspired by the dust on the moon, this grey watch originally starts off as white raw ceramic material. Through Omega’s firing process, it turns into a rich grey. It features a sandblasted platinum dial, two sundials, and date counter. The numbers on the tachymetric scale hour markers feature Omega’s luminescence: “Super-Luminova”.

The White Side of the Moon

Omega Moonwatch - White Side of the Moon

Stunning. If we had to describe this watch in one word – that is it. Instead of basing this design on the moon from it’s view in space, this white variation is inspired by looking at the moon from Earth. Featuring a fully white design with minimal red accents, the White Side of the Moon is visually striking. A fully white leather strap is included to complete the look.

Technical Specs

Features – Chronograph, Chronometer, Date, Small seconds, Tachymeter, Transparent case back

Crystal – Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides

Case – Black/Grey/White ceramic

Dial – Black/Grey/Meteorite/White

Water resistance – 5 bar (50 metres / 167 feet)

Size – Case Diameter: 44.25 mm

Calibre – Omega 9300

Power reserve – 60 hours

Type – Self winding

Final Thoughts

With the rise in popularity of ceramic cases and the overall look of these watches, we believe that they would make an awesome addition to any collection. Any one of these watches could be used as a daily wear for men, and are sized well for ladies that prefer oversized watches.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Omega Moonwatch, give us a call or fill out the contact form below. Check out our Facebook page for box openings and watch reviews by our in-house watch expert Sergio Nuncio!

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