October Birthstone – The Opal

Round_OpalOf all the Month’s birthstones, I think October would have to be my favorite. I have always loved Opals. There is something magical about the colors that are weaved throughout the stone. They have always reminded me of the Aura Borealis, a much smaller version that I get to wear.


There are five different types of opals: Precious, Common, Fire, Girasol, and Peruvian. The Precious Opal is the most colorful and most often used in jewelry. These are the Opals that look like glowing light (and in my opinion) resembles the Aura Borealis. If you are purchasing any fine jewelry featuring an Opal, you are more than likely purchasing a Precious Opal.


Some of the finest Opals in the world come from Australia. In fact, it is the countries national gemstone. To date, Australia is credited for producing 97% of the worlds Opals. In more recent years, Opals have been found in Ethiopia and the United States.


Throughout history, Opals have been associated with luck both good and bad. In medieval times, Opal were thought to bring luck to the wearer and also helped to sustain beauty. Somewhere in the 1800s Opals lost that mystical power among folklore and were deemed unlucky. Some credit the book Anne of Geierstein by Sir Walter Scott, as being the culprit for portraying Opals in a negative light. In my opinion, anyone that owns one of these stunning stone is lucky, indeed.



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