In the natural diamonds vs lab grown debate, we ALWAYS choose natural. Hands down. No question. Don’t even think about it. A lab grown diamond is the jewelry industry’s “Impossible Whopper.”

In case you’re not familiar, the ‘Impossible Whopper’ is Burger King’s meatless burger. It looks like medium-well cooked beef. It tastes similarly to beef (so they say). Yet the 0% beef patty is made from ultra processed soybean roots, textured wheat protein, and potato protein. Yeahhhh, no thanks.

Back to the natural diamonds vs lab grown question. We only source natural diamonds here at Jonathan’s for several different reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the common questions we receive.

Natural Diamonds vs Lab Grown: Which is a better investment?

Natural diamonds are the better investment. Lab grown diamonds typically cost about 30% less, which sounds like the better deal. Right? Wrong.

Think of a diamond like a vehicle. It depreciates the second you drive it off the lot. After several years, you may want to upgrade it for a nicer, better, newer model. You won’t get full trade in value, but a well taken care of, quality driver will yield a better return than a knock off, cheaper version.

The resale or trade-in value of a lab grown diamond is next to nothing. Although lab grown diamonds are a new thing, other synthetic gemstones have been on the market for awhile. The price of lab grown gemstones have become super inexpensive, while fine, natural emeralds and sapphires have appreciated in value. Prices are also likely to fall as many brands begin dipping their toes in the lab grown space.

Natural Diamonds vs lab grown: Which is higher quality?

Natural diamonds have a slight advantage on this one. They need billions of years to form under perfectly concise conditions deep in the Earth’s mantle. It’s a majestic occurrence, and probably one reason they’ve become a symbol of unity over the years. Quality diamonds are expensive, but luckily we have the largest inventory of wholesale, loose diamonds which help bring costs down tremendously.

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Diamonds engineered in the lab display the same chemical and optical properties as their natural counterparts. Lab grown quality remains subpar, but is steadily improving. To the untrained eye, they’re near impossible to distinguish from the real deal, but sophisticated testers and GIA labs can definitely see the difference.

Natural Diamonds vs Lab Grown: Which is more sustainable?

We’re still sticking with natural diamonds on this one. Since lab grown diamonds are relatively new, there’s no way to measure the true environmental impact just yet. Scientists suggest it takes less energy to grow a diamond than it does to dig one from the Earth. Possibly.

Another claim states lab grown diamonds are more ethical. However, most consumers are unaware that 99.9% of naturally mined diamonds are conflict free. In addition, properly run mines are a major benefit to the economy and provide jobs to locals.

Lastly, natural diamonds are often considered family heirlooms and passed from generation to generation. Once cut, a diamond can be recycled and upcycled again and again. Many of our vintage pieces contain diamonds in pristine condition. Furthermore, because lab grown diamonds are cheaper and of cookie-cutter style, they’re more likely to be tossed out or left behind only to live in a landfill forever.


We choose to carry only natural diamonds and gemstones. Natural diamonds are a better investment, carry impeccable quality, and will truly last forever. Cheap diamonds grown in a sterile lab just can’t get us up.

We’ll take the real deal anyday– naturally crafted diamonds, designed over millions of years by Mother Nature herself, revealed from the depths of the Earth, and fashioned into a one of a kind pieces. Your loved one will appreciate the real thing too. Don’t settle for less than real.

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