In case you haven’t noticed lately, Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers is a BIG fan of Rolex watches. Don’t get us wrong…we sell everything at our store, from Omega and Tag Heuer, to the ultra luxury watch brand Patek Phillipe. At the end of the day though, we can’t help but gravitate toward the Rolex brand. Rolex has long been a trophy of the successful, but to us, the watches are much more than just a status symbol.

Rolex watches are a form of art.

The level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into a Rolex is truly breathtaking. Every facet of the pieces that Rolex creates has a level of depth and history unlike any watch in the luxury market. We collect them, we sell a ton of them, and our associates at Jonathan’s wear them on a daily basis.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve chronicled famous Rolex wearer’s in several different vocations. From United States’ Presidents to elite Hollywood actors and the highest-level athletes, these larger than life people wear a watch brand that mirrors the success that they have had both professionally and personally.

Last but certainly not least, we are going to close this two week series with a group that’s equal parts fashion icon and artist: musicians.

Musicians and Rolex are a perfect match.

Here is Jonathan’s top 3 list of famous musicians that own a Rolex watch:

John Mayer

Don’t let John Mayer’s laid back guitar style and light-hearted lyrics fool you – this dude is serious about the watches that he wears. Apparently, Mayer is so serious about Rolex that he sued Robert Maron, a popular watch collector who reportedly sold Mayer $600,000 worth of Rolexes. Mayer claimed that Maron sold him watches with counterfeit parts. However, the lawsuit was recently dropped altogether, and Mayer has since gone back on his claim on the counterfeiting.

If Mayer had done business with Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, there would have been no doubt of the quality from the beginning! 🙂

Mayer has stated that his watch collection is valued “in the tens of millions”, and owns a Daytona Chronograph, Ref. 6263, as well as a Explorer II Ref. 16570 and MANY others.

John Mayer wearing a Rolex in our "Musician and Rolex" article


The 36-year-old R&B singer is the epitome of smooth, just like his watch collection. With a net worth of $180 million and growing, you could say that he’s got the extra cash to pick up a few watches. In fact, Usher has said that his collection is about 40 watches strong. He has gone out of his way to mention the brand in several of his songs, and is often seen wearing different models.

A few of the Rolex watches that Usher has been seen with to date: a diamond encrusted Day-Date Ref. 118206, an 18k yellow gold Day-Date Ref. 118238, an 18k yellow gold Daytona Ref. 104770, and a Rolex Milgauss with green crystal sapphire Ref. 116400GV.

Usher wearing an 18k Rolex Daytona in our "Musician and Rolex" post.


Worldwide rock and roll legend, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Honorary Knight of the British Empire, and Rolex owner.

Sounds about right to us.

Bono and his legendary band U2 have been changing the way that rock music is created since the early 80’s, and they are still going strong in 2015! Bono has long been known as a fashion icon (he easily comes to mind when you think big, rose colored sunglasses), and his loyal support of the Rolex brand is every bit as strong as his fans’ support of U2.

Bono has worn a stainless steel Datejust Ref. 16220, a platinum Rolex President Ref. 218206, and has made a platinum Day-date Ref. 118206 his standard watch of choice.

Bono wearing a Rolex in our "Musician and Rolex" post.

If we’ve learned anything about Rolex and it’s mega-successful wearers in the past two weeks, it’s this: Rolex is more than a status symbol, and more than just a name. It’s a lifestyle, and it takes a certain type of person to love what the brand represents.

Make an appointment at Jonathan’s today and take a private look at our incredible Rolex inventory! We own Rolex watches personally, and we are proud to have the Jonathan’s name associated with theirs. Want to see our Rolex watches in action? Take a second and follow our personal Instagram accounts for a behind the scenes look at what we do (and wear) at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers:

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