Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Mother’s Day is the one day a year you get to shower your mother with love and gifts!

As jewelers, we are often asked what the best gift for the mothers in your life.

As a default, I always suggest jewelry, which leads to the follow-up question of “which kind?” To help my loyal customers this holiday, I thought I would suggest some items that will show your mother, or the new mother in your life, how much you love them.

Spell Your Love Out

One of our best selling items this year is Jonathan’s Love series, a collection of necklaces and bracelets. These are completely customizable to match the exact style of your mother. These pieces are made in yellow, white or rose gold.

If you’re wondering if adding diamonds is the right move, we can tell you that it really depends on her current style preference. If the mother in your life is into shiny things, add them! For the classic mother that prefers a more conservative look, pure gold is perfect.

Have you considered a diamond necklace this holiday season?

Seal Your Love

Nothing says love like the Cartier Love Bracelet. First designed in the 1970s, the Love Bracelet has a screw motif with screws all the way around the oval bracelet.

Each bracelet comes with a mini screwdriver, which is the only way to screw the bracelet on and off. Studded with diamonds or without, these bracelets come in yellow, white and rose gold and are a wonderful addition to any collection!

LOVE Bracelet

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