Momma’s Jewels

Mommas-JewelsI was flipping around the latest JCK, when I saw something that caught my eye. At first glance, I though I was looking at a Paloma Picasso design for Tiffany and Co., but after looking further I realized it was something new – a teething necklace designed by Momma’s Jewels.


Founded by Stacy Rosenthal, Momma’s Jewels, is a wearable and fashionable baby teething ring. The design is genius. The premise of this is that instead of a plastic teething toy that will be thrown on the floor, lost under the crib, and stepped on during the night, allow your baby to teeth on something closer to your heart – a necklace. Worn by the mother, your baby can relax and chew on something safe and cool while still in your arms. Does it get any better than this?


The original design features a single teething ring looped onto a chain. The ring is more like a silver bangle, big enough for your baby to grab hold and chew away. The chain is long enough to provide the slack needed for baby to play, and allow you to relax and enjoy the precious moment.


As a new mom, I love this whole concept and design of this product. Anything that will occupy my baby and make me look fashionable is a homerun. I mean honestly, if I had not read more about the product, I would have thought it was just a beautiful new necklace. The fact that it does so much more is just icing on the cake.


This is a great idea for mother’s day, a birthday, or even a baby shower. In my opinion, this is a product and design that will be around for a very long time. And with the ability to engrave your child’s name on the ring, this is a family heirloom in the making.

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