Many brides are going low key with minimalist engagement rings. Take a look at these simple and stunning minimalist designs.

Design Ideas for a Minimalist Engagement Ring

The minimalist aesthetic is a popular design choice for homes, wardrobes, art, and even websites. Minimalist trends pair well with watches and jewelry as well.

When choosing a minimalist engagement ring, look for one or more of these details:

10 Minimalist Engagement Ring Examples

Next, take a look at some of our favorite minimalist ring designs!

1. Single Stone

A round brilliant cut diamond on a plain band is a traditional example. It also happens to be one of the all time, most popular engagement ring designs in history.

2. Single Stone with a Twist

A small, single stone can still make a big statement. The East-West design creates a unique look that’s still super minimalist.

3. Minimalist, Dainty Bands

Engagement rings CAN feature bigger stones and still have a minimalist vibe. Larger gemstones offset by a simple band are a classic, minimalist style we can’t get enough of.

4. Gemstone Cluster

Another minimalist look we love features teensy gemstones creatively clustered together.

Get creative with colorful stones and unique patterns for an easy and effortless looking engagement ring.

5. Alternative Gemstone

Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires up the wow factor for minimalist engagement rings.

Diamond alternatives are perfect for creating a one-of-a-kind design for those that prefer non-conventional styles.

minimalist engagement rings

6. Bezel Setting

The prongless bezel setting is one of the most popular minimalist setting styles. It’s sleek and simple, and perfect for active lifestyles.

7. Open Style Setting

We love the minimalist look of the open ring design. This style is understated, but 100% unique.

How can a ring be so elegant and out-of-the-box at the same time?

8. Natural Cut Stones

Next, another gorgeous minimalist engagement ring style that features vintage, old world cut gemstones.

You might see rose and mine cut diamonds in vintage and antique jewelry. These cuts were traditionally done intricately by hand before modern technology allowed the precision cuts we see today.

Although this cut produces significantly less sparkle, these ring styles still exude a gorgeous, primitive vibe.

rose cut diamond engagment ring
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9. Diamond Set Band

The ultimate minimalist engagement ring is one that also doubles as a wedding band. Diamond set bands look lovely all alone or stacked with other rings.

minimalist wedding band

10. Stacked Bands

Finally, elevate any minimalist ring by stacking it with one or more other minimalist ring styles. The stacked look is always a head turner!

minimalist stacked engagement rings

Our Final Word on Minimalist Engagement Rings

These styles are anything but boring and definitely prove that less can be more. As more and more brides move away from conventional styles, we expect these trendy looks to stick around for years to come!

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