Match Made in HeavenIt’s the first Monday of the month at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers which means that it’s time for us to honor one of our couples who is a match made in heaven! What makes a match made in heaven? These are couples that we have helped down the road to wedded bliss by making their engagement rings and we are sharing their stories with you.  And, if we had a hand in helping you become a match made in heaven, please let us know and become one of our couples of the month!

Bill & Tanya Make a Match

Tanya was working the door of a local nightclub when bill came in with his friend.  Tanya and Bill struck up an instant friendship, and during the course of a casual conversation, Tanya mentioned that she would never date anyone who couldn’t dance! Bill decided that night that he would start to take dance lessons and after he learned he finally asked Tanya out.

But, even though Bill could now keep a beat, the two weren’t in step yet and it was 11 months between the first date and the second, and this time Bill wasn’t going to let Tanya get away.  They have been inseparable ever since.

Tanya Says Yes!

Tanya and Bill picked out the ring together, and Tanya couldn’t wait to get it.  Bill told her it was ready, but that he didn’t have time to pick it up.  Tanya’s daughter DS had broken so Bill came over with his toolbox to fix it and asked Tanya to reach in for the box of drill bits.

Little did Tanya know that box didn’t have drill bits in it, but it did have her ring in it!

The Honeymoon

The first night after the wedding was spent in a nice hotel in downtown Houston, and then very early the next morning the couple drove to Key West! They stopped in Tallahassee after their first day of driving, and spent the night with a few friends. The next day they drove to West Palm Beach and met up with a friend of Bill’s before they drove to Key West. They didn’t want to come home! Who would??

The Ring

ringsThe engagement ring is a past, present and future design with a center brilliant cut princess diamond in platinum. The side stones are also princess and there are 6 small round cut diamonds on each side of the 3 center stones. I have yet to see a diamond with as much depth and brilliance as mine. I could have picked a much larger center stone, but the one I picked just spoke to me. You know when you see the one that was meant for you…just like when you know the one you’re going to marry is “the one”! My wedding ring was an estate jewelry find – 20 small diamonds set in platinum, and Sergio was able to take this ring and smooth down the edges to match the engagement ring, and have them both sized for me. I am so very thankful for the amazing skills of Sergio and the staff at Jonathan’s. I recommend Jonathan’s to everyone I know!

We wish many years of love and happiness to Tanya and Bill!

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