Match made in heavenJacqueline & Austin Dobbs are a Match Made in Heaven! Do you believe in love at first site? Jacqueline didn’t until she first laid eyes on Austin when he walked into the restaurant she was waiting tables at in Austin, Texas with her good friend Andrew.  She knew she had to meet him, and meet him she did!

I had just moved to Austin and was going to school.  The first person I met was in my Psychology class and we became very good friends.  I got a job working at a restaurant called Zingers, and one night in walked Andrew, my friend from my class, with this guy.  I told him he HAD to introduce me to his good looking friend!

match made in heavenGetting engaged is such an exciting time, whether you expect it or not.  It doesn’t always go as planned either and sometimes you just can’t wait to get that ring on your gal’s finger.

We were going to go out to dinner that evening with my parents and grandparents and I was getting ready while Austin was out running errands.  I don’t remember where he was going.  He came back with this cardboard box that had some picture of a car radio or something on it. His plan was to wait, but he couldn’t, so before we even made it out the door he asked me to open the box and inside was the ring box from Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers!  After that, I remember him on one knee and we celebrated with my family and I was so surprised, because I wasn’t expecting it AT ALL!

match made in heavenNothing better than a relaxing honeymoon after a hectic engagement and wedding, especially when you have a one year old baby at home!

Our honeymoon was fantastic! We went on a seven day cruise through the Caribbean.  Jamaica was the best part.  We loved hanging out and playing on the beach.  We explored these totally cool caves and we had some amazing alone time.

How Did Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers Help With This Match Made In Heaven?

Custom Engagement Ring and Wedding BandWe do all different kinds of things when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands, and our goal is to make our couple happy.  Jacqueline loved the one carat solitaire that Austin got her for an engagement ring, but she had a special request from Jay Freedman for her wedding band.  Her mother had given her two bands that had stones in them.  One from her biological father and one from the father who had raised her and adopted her.  She wanted to used these rings, but wasn’t sure how.  Jay suggested that she combine the stones on the two rings into one gorgeous wedding band that was not only sentimental but spectacular.

You see, we do make a Match Made in Heaven!

Congratulations to Jacqueline and Austin and may you have many years of happiness!

Jacqueline, Austin and Jackey

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