Sometimes I think I should write a book about the things I have seen and heard when it comes to how the actual proposals are going to be made. We love to make the engagement ring and wedding band, but what we really love is what we hear as we are sitting across from our customers.

We are almost like priests, and just like a priests we get confessions while our customers are buying diamonds. They confess when they are going to propose and how. They confess whether they have spoken to the girlfriend’s parents or not and whether or not they are nervous.

They tell me their financial history and sometimes their sexual history. I am the priest and I listen and nod and laugh at the right times, but most of all I enjoy their stories.

Marriage Proposals You Should Avoid:

1. If you want to get your girl to say yes, NEVER propose by email, text or a Facebook wall post

It’s not cute or funny.  One of our customers thought it would be cute because he and his girl had met on Facebook and he thought she would think it was romantic.  NOT SO! In fact, she was more than livid, especially since her friends and family saw it before she did!!

2. If you want your to get your girl to say yes, NEVER propose during sex

Yes, you heard me correctly. Propose during a romantic bath or a sensual shower and even snuggling after coitus, but NEVER during. Why? Because proposing during is like shouting out, “I love you” during orgasm. Did you mean it, or were you just caught up in the moment?

3. If you want to get your girl to say yes, NEVER propose in a room full of people if you have never discussed marriage first

I had one customer who was madly in love with his girl.  The problem was, they had never discussed marriage or the future. He was sure the she was for him, but when he popped the question as a big party in front of all of their friends, she wasn’t so sure about him, and it didn’t take long for him to bring the ring back to us

4. If you want to get your girl to say yes, NEVER propose on her birthday

Her birthday is for her birthday. Propose on your anniversary and even Valentine’s Day can be romantic, but her birthday is about her, not about you both.  Trust me when I tell you she will be disappointed and feel cheated that her birthday present is an engagement ring.

5. If you want to get your girl to say yes, NEVER give a marriage proposal in a Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target or fast food restaurant

I don’t care if you go to Costco every single Saturday, that’s still not a good place to get down on one knee.

Marriage Proposals We Love:

1. Marriage proposals that definitely get a yes are ones that are intimate

We happen to know that a proven formula is the man and his woman at an intimate meal with some champagne and candlelight. This always works for a resounding yes.

2. Marriage proposals that always get a yes are when you are doing your favorite thing with as a couple and you these always get a yes

Our favorite marriage proposals come when the couple is here together and they pick up the ring together and he just looks into her eyes and slips it onto her finger and you can feel the love between them.

3. We love marriage proposals that are going to be between same sex couples

We love when one partner comes in shy and unsure about buying a ring for their lover.  We are equal opportunity marriage makers at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers and romance is romance for us!!

4. And our favorite marriage proposal of all is the one where the groom to be has no idea what he is going to do

We think that is the best kind of proposal because it is the most honest on his part and will get the most honest reaction of both sides.  The proposal doesn’t need to be planned and can be just spur of the moment when the time seems right!

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