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Can you believe it’s almost black Friday? This year is almost up, but not before it’s time to start – or finish – your holiday shopping! This year we are going to put together a perfect luxury watch and jewelry Gift Giving Guide to make your lives easier. And to make it even easier, every photo we are posting we have in our showroom, so just contact us, and let us know you saw the perfect gift on our luxury watch and jewelry gift giving guide!

What are starting with? Rolex, of course! Our goal is to tell you why a Rolex watch makes the perfect gift for either him or her. If you want to know all about Rolex, click here, here, here, and here.

Why Rolex Makes the Perfect Gift

Rolex stands for perfection and prestige. Not only is Rolex at the top of high-end watch companies, it’s also one of the top luxury watch brands. Why?

  • Rolex uses the finest materials
  • Rolex has unparallel technical expertise
  • Every Rolex is built in-house by the very best watchmakers with no detail left unturned.
  • Rolex has a rich history of producing some of the most iconic watches,
  • Who wouldn’t appreciate a Rolex as a gift?

Because you know the person you’re shopping for better than we do, our Luxury Watch and Jewelry Gift Giving Guide is going to give you guidelines and ideas to get your wheels turning and help point you in the right direction. No matter what you choose (and we suggest you choose from our stock!), you can be assured that you are buying something special, unforgettable, generous, and something that will keep giving for a lifetime.

Luxury Watch and Jewelry Gift Giving Guide: Why A Rolex Watch

  1. Rolex never goes out of style. Rolex has been around for over a century and their watches have remained largely unchanged. A Rolex is instantly recognizable. Whether you choose vintage or contemporary, a Rolex watch will never go out of style. (Datejust, Day Date, Submariner, GMT, Daytona)
  2. Rolex watches stand the test of time. If you have never invested in a Rolex, that investment will pay off for years. With the proper servicing and care, a Rolex will last indefinitely. The watches are designed to withstand daily use and can tolerate most extreme environments. The cases are resistant to water with their airtight constructions, and the automatic movements maintain accurate time, no matter the impact the watch takes. The newer models have scratchproof sapphire crystal and ceramic bezels that are resistant to scratching and fading. (Yachtmaster, Air king, Daytona, Datejust, Day date)
  3. Rolex evokes emotions. Ask anyone when they bought their Rolex, and they will have a story to tell you. Whether it’s the first major thing they purchased for themselves, it was passed down from father to son or mother to daughter, it was a graduation gift, or it was a retirement gift, the where and when of how that watch ended up on your wrist evokes emotions. A Rolex as a gift will be a cherished present that will bring out emotion every time they look at the time.
  4. The gift that can be enjoyed every day. We all know about ‘seasonal’ gifts. For instance, that sweater that goes to the back of the closet during summer, and the sandals that you can only wear when it’s spring and summer, but a Rolex can be worn and enjoyed every day. Because it never goes out of style and can be dressed up or down, they can be worn all day every day!

How to Choose the Perfect Rolex for the Perfect Gift

Now that you know you want to purchase a Rolex for that special anyone in your life, let’s talk about some things to think about before you buy.

  1. What’s their lifestyle like? We like to think of Rolex as a lifestyle, not just a brand, and this should be your starting point on your journey to find the perfect Rolex as a gift. For instance, are they active? Is this for everyday or just for dressier occasions? Do they work in an office or out of the house?

Here are some ideas….

For dressier go for watches like these –

For more sporty go for watches like these –

  • How complicated is the person you are buying the Rolex for? I don’t mean complicated like complex, but what functions do they want to have on their watch. Do they just want a day and date? Do they like to sail or scuba dive? Do they travel all the time? Rolex has many different complications that come with specific styles.

Here are some ideas…..

For a simple person go for watches like these –

For a more complicated person go for watches like these –

  • What type of person are you buying the watch for? This has to do with their flash and dash. Do they like gold or everose? Are they more of an all stainless person? Do they prefer dark dials or white or a color in between? Would they like some bling for a little shine? The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Here are some ideas….

For a simple person go for watches like these –

For a flashier person go for watches like these –

  • What size would be best for them? Rolex has many different size options, depending on the model that you choose. You can go small for a ladies or mid-size or even the Datejust 41mm. For a man, think about what they are currently wearing size wise. Can you go as large as a 44mm or should you stick with a 40mm?

Here are some ideas….

For the petite watch wearer go for watches like these –

For the person who wants a larger watch go for watches like these –

  • Buy Preowned. Now, you might be wondering why (and it’s not just to sell you watches, although we would love it if you would buy your gift from Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers), so we are going to tell you. Save money by buying a preowned watch, which holds its value as a Rolex. Buy vintage if you choose but considering what is happening with finding new Rolex models right now (you would have needed to buy your gift last year at this time), it only makes sense to buy preowned. Many come with the authenticity card, box and papers, and even a warranty.

Here are some ideas…..

Wrapping Up the Luxury Watch and Jewelry Gift Giving Guide on Rolex

Contact us to help you find the perfect Rolex from our Luxury Watch and Jewelry Gift Giving Guide. Browse through what we have in our eBay store or come over to our showroom. Oh, and we have a new page that we are updating regularly so you can browse from our website and reserve the Rolex of your dreams! Happy gift giving and holiday season!!

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