I am going to probably sound like a gem geek or a rock hound in this post, but I’m okay letting my Gem Freak Flag fly.  I love diamonds.  I said it and they say that admitting it is the first step to solving the problem, right? Not for me, admitting it was the first step to starting Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers.

Admitting You Love Diamonds

Although I grew up in the jewelry industry, meaning, my Dad owned several jewelry stores, I wasn’t in love with the jewelry side of the business or the business side of the business or the retail side of the business to be specific.  I did work in the business, but it was more behind the scenes, running the books.

I ran the books because my background is accounting, and I actually took a break and worked as an accountant for a big ten firm for years before going back to work for my Dad.  I told you I was a geek, right? I am a geek.  Through and through.  I worked at my Dad’s jewelry shops for years until he decided he was ready to retire and sold his stores.  I mentioned that I didn’t love retail, so I packed up and moved to Houston, without much direction, other than I knew two things…

  1. I hated accounting
  2. I loved diamonds

Learning Everything You Can About Diamonds

Once I decided that I was going to follow my dreams about diamonds, wherever they were going to lead me, I immediately started my classes at the GIA to become a Master Gemologist, which is where I really began to appreciate the stones that are made up of a single carbon but have inclusions and weight and color.

The precision that is made up each facet and the way that each cut is made and how it can affect the way the light shines through the stone is remarkable to me.  I was amazed to discover that each stone has its own beauty, even the stones that are full of inclusions and that most diamonds hold some color.

But, the most exciting thing to me was to learn how to grade diamonds.  I wanted to own these precious gems and began to see their value and worth.  I wanted to design around them and recut them when they needed recutting.  I saw the value in diamonds that others would deem as having little to no value.

Sell Diamonds and Make Beautiful Rings

And, now I get to do what I love every single day. I get to grade diamonds and sell them and make them into beautiful rings.  How many people get to say that? Not that many! I feel so lucky to be able to surround myself with the beauty of diamonds, diamonds and yes, more diamonds.  Colored diamonds, gemstones of all shapes and sizes and a talented staff than can not only sell like no other, they can fix my email when it gets hacked, take care of the office when I am out of town and they are pretty fun to hang out with.

But, most importantly, they don’t care if my diamond geek flag flies high every single day, and it does.

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