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In search of the perfect engagement ring? Start with loose diamonds! Loose diamonds are not only key, but an essential part of the engagement ring buying process.

While many jewelry stores would prefer to sell a pre-made ring (boring!), we love custom creating the perfect rings for our customers.

The engagement ring process is one of the most important purchases in your lifetime. The more choices the better. That’s just one of the many reasons that we believe the best engagement rings start with the loose diamond.

If you need more reasons to start with a loose diamond, consider these  factors.

Here are 4 reasons buyers should always start with loose diamonds:

1.  Endless options

Jonathan’s has the largest loose diamond inventory in the state of Texas! We  can also source diamonds from all over the world to fit our customers’ needs.

More diamond options mean that you can work across multiple price ranges to pick the perfect stone.

The selection process is very simple here at Jonathan’s:

  1. You provide your price range.
  2. We give you multiple loose diamond options from our vast inventory to choose from.
  3. You’ll hand select your preferred loose diamonds and view them through whatever piece of equipment you’d like.
  4. Once the diamonds are chosen, we’ll agree on a price.
  5. We’ll create the perfect engagement ring!

The most important thing is that you can evaluate the GIA certificate, which we feel is the most accurate, non-biased report on a particular diamond’s features.

(We’ll even teach you how to use a diamond loupe if you’d like!)

2. Focus on the gemstone

An engagement ring should focus on the main gemstone or stones. This idea sometimes gets lost in the conversation of purchasing engagement rings.

Too many large retailers and mall stores focus on the setting or the band, when the reality is that the ring should be built completely around the features of the loose diamond.

After our customers select their stone, we work together to design a setting and band that will accentuate the best aspects of their new diamond.

3. You control the process from start to finish

The customer is 100% in control. That includes sitting down and hand selecting a loose diamond all the way to seeing wax models, computer CAD designs, and eventually the final product.

Want to hear more about how we create custom diamond rings from start to finish? Head over to our engagement ring page for an in depth over view!

We can use pictures or examples of other rings to help guide the design, or we can create completely from scratch. This allows us to come up with some incredible creative ring designs that none of his or her friends will have.

4. Custom has a better ring to it

More and more couples are moving away from cookie cutter designs and big box stores and retailers. They want custom options to fit unique personalities and taste. And that’s exactly what loose diamonds and other gemstones can provide.

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In addition, we’ve always believed that the word “custom” goes hand in hand with “luxury”. Some of the finest high end products are custom created, and we feel that an engagement ring should follow that tradition.

However, we believe custom created jewelry should be available for everyone. Not just those that can afford luxury prices.  Our large inventory makes custom engagement rings available at any budget.

Custom engagement ring examples using loose diamonds from our inventory

We absolutely love bringing our customers’ visions to life. Check out some of our custom crafted engagement rings using loose diamonds from our massive warehouse.

Are you interested in creating your engagement ring with a loose diamond from our inventory? Contact Sergio@jfjco.com to schedule an appointment and find the perfect diamond today.

Want to see some examples of our work? Take a look at our engagement ring photo gallery and video gallery. You can keep up with Jonathan’s on Facebook, Twitter, and even follow our personal Instagram accounts below:

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