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Imagine if you will what it takes to mine a large diamond.  Actually, imagine what it takes for the earth to produce a diamond. A stone that is made of a single carbon and comes out rough and the chances of it being unearthed in a single piece large enough to be cut into a large and important diamond is not that great.  The odds are astronomical to say the least, but it has happened, at the very least 94 times, according to Wikipedia.

Now, I am going to take out those diamonds that were cut down into several smaller diamonds, because I am only talking about the stones that were cut into the world’s largest diamonds that were one single diamond.  I am also not going to talk about the rough diamonds that have been unearthed, but not been cut, because I want to focus on total carat weight after these beauties have been cut and polished.

Criteria for World’s Largest Diamonds

I had to choose specific criteria before making my list of the world’s largest diamonds.  After all, there are several lists out there and they all have basically the same diamonds on them, so I wanted to be selective about mine.

This is my criterion:

  • The largest diamonds must be cut and polished
  • The diamonds must be cut as a single stone from the rough and not as several stones from a single rough
  • The largest diamonds must be OVER 20 carats
  • The diamonds can be any color, shape or clarity
  • The diamonds can be mounted or unmounted
  • The largest diamonds can be privately or publicly owned
  • The diamonds must be REAL and not IMAGINED

Number of World’s Greatest Diamonds – 31

Total Carat Weight – 3.975.35 carats

Colors – Colorless, Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Peach, Black

Facts of the World’s Greatest Diamonds

  • Golden Jubilee Diamond is the largest faceted diamond ever cut at 546.67 carats
  • Graff Pink Diamond is the most expensive diamond ever sold at auction
  • The Hope Diamond is supposedly cursed
  • Koi Diamond has unique white, orange and various other colors and has been certified by the GIA
  • Gruosi Diamond is a black heart shaped 115.34 carat diamond
  • Nizam Diamond is lost and is possibly a large topaz
  • Jubilee Diamond is the sixth largest colorless diamond in the world
  • Incomparable Diamond was sold on eBay in 2002 and is internally flawless
  • Hortensia Diamond is a peach color
  • Heart of Eternity Diamond is the largest fancy vivid blue diamond
  • Nepal Diamond is thought to originated from the Golconda Mines
  • Noor-ol-Ain Diamond is pink and is part of the Iranian crown jewels
  • Orlov Diamond is part of the Kremlin Diamond Fund and weighs 190 carats
  • Koh-i-Noor Diamond is part of the crown of Queen Elizabeth
  • Kimberley Diamond is a fancy yellow
  • Lesotho Promise is the largest diamond to be found in thirteen years


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