Super-Dad-Juggling-TasksI am the type of guy who always has a lot going on in my life. Between work and my personal life I manage to get it all done and I never take a sick day.  That’s not to say that there aren’t days where I sit back and smack myself in the head and think about how crazy I am, because there are plenty of those.  There are also plenty of days when my wife smacks me in the head and tells me I’m crazy, but I keep going full speed, and now I have taken on a new adventure.

I think I’m an adventure junkie.  I can’t stand still and always need a project or a new mountain to climb to feel satisfied.  It’s kind of like how I break up with my watches, I like to stay on the move.  I have lists that run through my mind of things that I want to try and do and as I start one thing on my bucket list, I mentally check it off and move on to the next, until my plate is overflowing with priorities and musts and needs and loves.

My Family Comes First

My FamilyNo matter what I have going on, my family always comes first, and even in my personal life, I have a ton going on.  My oldest son, Jonathan, is getting married this summer.  I am thrilled for him and his bride to be.  We adore her and we are busy helping him plan the wedding as we are planning the rehearsal dinner.  Jonathan also works for me, which is a thrill for me, because he is one of the loves of my life.

My other son, Keifer, is graduating from college in May.  I can’t believe he is finally done and he will soon be working with me as well.  I love this kid.  Did I tell you he is a baseball phenom? He is and went to college on a baseball scholarship, so I spent many years as a baseball dad.

My daughter, Bailey, the light of my life, is a teen.  If you have a teen then I don’t even need to say anything else! She is athletic, strong minded, strong willed, beautiful and talented.  She scares me to death.  I need to remember to keep my gun posted by the front door and install some more locks on her windows!

My wife, Mandy,  is the love of my life. We met when we were young and have been together ever since.  She puts up with me as I spend time trying to keep the PH level on my salt-water aquarium, watch football on the weekends, go fishing and tickle her mercilessly.  When I look at her, I still get butterflies.  Is that cool or what?

My family is my first priority out of all of my life’s musts needs and loves.

My Work Comes Second

Jonathan's Fine JewelersIf you have been here before or are here for the first time, you know that I am a diamond buyer, estate jewelry buyer and gold buyer.  I work in a showroom in Houston with my partner and friend, Jon Siegel.  He and I have been together a long time, and I would say our relationship is like that of an old married couple.  Sometimes we fight, but we always kiss and makeup!

As a diamond and jewelry buyer, I spend my days answering emails, texts, phone calls, meeting with clients, grading diamonds, weighing and measuring gold, looking at estate jewelry and giving prices to customers. I also have administrative office work that has to be done and run the office and staff that we have at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers.  We are a family here, and we fight and love like a family, and I am the father here just like at home.

I also run an eBay venture that is fairly new.  This is more work than I ever knew possible.  Forget the usual posting of the pictures and descriptions, there is answering questions, and many times the customers actually come into the showroom.  I also get phone calls from the listings, so I am answering those as well.  Then there is the shipping and the paperwork and accounting and the list goes on and on.  But, as much work as it is, I feel a sense of pride every time something from eBay sells.

My New Adventure – Jonathan’s Watch Buyer

Jonathan's Watch BuyerAs if the above weren’t enough, I then decided it was time to take my watch buying business and make it a separate business from the jewelry and diamond buying business.  This meant a new website and a new Facebook page, which I would love for you to like if you love watches.  It’s like starting a brand new business.

Jonathan’s Watch Buyer is not so much about the selling of watches, but about buying watches and also I want a great resource for those that are watch collectors or for those that are just starting out as collectors.  I am really proud of this site, and I hope you will join me over there.

In fact, in honor of this new adventure, I am going to offer my readers financing on their first NEW Rolex that they purchase through Jonathan’s Watch Buyer!  This is going to run through the end of April, so take advantage of this opportunity.  It’s a great way to get that Rolex you have always wanted, and we can get any style you want at great prices!

If you have any questions about the above promotion, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or through our contact form over on Jonathan’s Watch Buyer site or just call me up at (832) 277-5725.

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