Hearts and Arrows

For any guy that is starting the process of choosing an engagement ring diamond, let us give you a tip: the more unique, the better. Not only is a diamond a symbol of your love for your future wife, but it will also be her most important possession for years to come. She’ll want it to stand out and be noticed- and a hearts and arrows diamond is the perfect way to do it.

Traditionally, hearts and arrows diamonds could only be found on round diamonds. Only rounds could produce the unmistakeable arrows and heart pattern that has become so popular, until now.

The hearts and arrows cushion cut is the next big thing. Seriously.

A lot of women love the shape of a cushion diamond because it’s so different from the popular round or princess cut shapes, but that unique shape also causes the cushion to have less brilliance than other stones.

With the recent advances of new cutting technology and techniques, diamond cutters are now able to create a hearts and arrows pattern on a cushion stone. This is huge.

The even better news? This design is just now starting to emerge in the main-stream engagement ring industry, which means you can build an engagement ring around a diamond that is literally ahead of it’s time. If you combine this stone with a custom setting, you’ll be proposing with a ring that your future wife has never seen, and more importantly her friends haven’t either.

Why a hearts and arrows diamond?

Put simply, they’re stunningly beautiful in a very obvious way. Even most ideal, super ideal or triple X diamonds may not look too special to the average person, but the arrows and hearts on this cut pops. One look at this stone, and there is absolutely no question what you are seeing:



Diamond #CH108G – 2.01 Carats – F Color – VS2 Clarity

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Diamond #CH111G – 2.01 Carats – I Color -VS2 Clarity

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Diamond #CH114G – 1.57 Carats – G Color – VVS2 Clarity

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Diamond #CH118G – 1.50 Carats – I Color – VS2 Clarity

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Diamond #CH120G – 1.50 Carats – J Color – VS1 Clarity

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Diamond #CH123G – 1.00 Carat – F Color – SI1 Clarity

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Diamond #CH126G – 1.01 Carats – G Color – VS2 Clarity

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Diamond #CH129G – 1.01 Carats – H Color – VS2 Clarity

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Diamond #CH131G – 1.01 Carats – J Color – VS2 Clarity

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Diamond #CH128G – 1.01 Carats – H Color – VS1 Clarity

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These stones are rare – Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers is the only jewelry store in Houston that is exclusively carrying this cut. Larger stores like Tiffany & Co. are beginning to stock hearts and arrows cushions, but our prices are much lower for the same quality. In addition, our stones come with a GIA certification, where the blue box store no longer uses GIA.

Recommended Settings

You could pair these diamonds with almost any setting, but a halo or a split shank design would accent the stone’s unique shape and cut well. While a hearts and arrows cut doesn’t necessarily need much accenting, you can have as little or as much as you want. That’s the beauty of going custom. 🙂

For more information about the hearts and arrows cushion diamond, check out our Facebook page, Twitter account, and official Instagram for updates! You can also follow the Jonathan’s team on our personal Instagram accounts here:

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