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We love twinkly and bright for the holidays, and what’s more twinkly than sparkly diamonds this holiday season? Whether you are looking for something for loved one’s finger, wrist, ears, or neck, we’ve got you covered. This week we are going to add to our Holiday Gift Guide for 2022 with sparkly diamonds!

How to Choose the Perfect Sparkly Diamonds

It can be super stressful to find that perfect holiday gift for your special someone, but one way to get an idea of how to add to what they already have is to do a little sleuthing. Go and check out what they already have in their jewelry box first. Do they have diamond studs or a diamond bracelet? How about a diamond pendant or necklace? By looking around that you will get a better idea of how to add to their collection of sparkly diamonds.

Also, think about the meaning behind the gift. Do you just want to say I love you, or do you want them to know that you are falling in love with them? Do you want to say I appreciate you or thank you for all that you do?

Finally, what are their preferences? Some people don’t wear a lot of jewelry, especially sparkly diamonds, daily. Are they minimalists, so a nice pair of diamond stud earrings would be perfect for them? Or do they like to deck the halls, and you can add a diamond tennis necklace to their everyday look?

Sparkly Diamonds – The Gift Guide


You can NEVER go wrong with earrings. As we mentioned above, diamond stud earrings that can be worn all day every day are available at many different sizes and price points. Or how about something long and dangly that can be worn for a night out on the town? And, we can’t forget the hoop, which can also be worn every day and make for a great look that’s a little different than the stud.

To note….Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers always can make studs out of any shape or size you might be looking for. We have several options as far as white gold, yellow gold, or platinum and different prongs as well. Before the holidays, we make several pairs of diamond stud earrings, because they make the perfect gift, so if you would like to come and see our inventory, please contact us!


A necklace says so many things and always looks stunning on a woman’s neck. Especially with sparkly diamonds. Where you go for a tennis necklace, which has diamonds all the way around, a lariat that hangs in the front, a pendant, diamonds by the year, or even the diamond dangle necklace, you can’t go wrong. We have a variety of different diamond necklaces for you to choose from and Sergio or Keifer can certainly help you pick the right one for your loved one!


A little sparkle on the wrist is always a nice touch. This is a gift that your loved one can see all day, touch, and admire. Whether it is a simple bangle with diamonds, a diamond tennis bracelet, or a diamond by the yard bracelet, Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers has you covered!


If you are not already married, be careful with what type of diamond ring you gift your loved one, as you don’t want them to either be upset it isn’t that engagement ring! But, we have many right hand rings that are perfect for gifting. Whether it’s a diamond band, or a cocktail ring, we either have it or can design and make it for you.

If you find this is the perfect time to upgrade your wife’s wedding band, come and check out all the diamond wedding bands we have in stock! And, if you are ready to pop the question, our loose diamond collection is perfect for you to pick the right size, shape, color, and clarity for your soon-to-be fiancé.

If you do want to give an engagement ring, our suggestion is that we set it simply so you will have it for the holidays, and then after, we can design around the diamond you chose for that perfect setting you want. We can even do this while she still keeps the ring on her finger, and just take the diamond when it’s ready to be placed in the new setting!

If you are looking for that perfect diamond for an engagement ring, please contact Sergio or Jay and they can get you hooked up.

In Summary

We love sparkly diamonds, and we have lots of great gifts that cover every spectrum of price for you. Oh, and check out some of our Rolex watches that we still have wating to be wrapped! If you prefer to shop from the comfort of you home, please visit our eBay store, call Sergio at 832-277-5752 for information on anything you see in the pictures, or contact us to set an appointment to shop our large assortment of diamond jewelry in Houston!

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