Any guy who has ever proposed knows how stressful the whole process can be. There really isn’t any other time in your life when you have to buy something that is expensive, not for you, and will be looked at by literally ALL of your future wife’s friends.

I was really fortunate actually – one of my co-workers had just bought a ring from “his guy” (which I’ll discuss shortly). I had been looking around on all of the big internet sites for a ring, but I just didn’t feel comfortable buying something that important without seeing it first.

I also didn’t want to get pay way too much for jewelry stores in the mall, but because diamonds aren’t something you purchase every day it almost feels like you’re forced to go that route.

“Don’t worry, I know a guy”

My coworker had just gotten back from his appointment with the company (Jonathan’s) that had made his finance’s engagement ring. He showed it to everyone in the office and then told us how much he paid for it. It was WAY less than anything I had seen online or in the stores for a similar stone!

He gave me an email address for Sergio Nuncio, who is one of the owners at Jonathan’s and told me to set up an appointment with him.

The way he said it worked was something I had never really heard of. Sergio was going to show me a bunch of loose GIA certified diamonds that were in my price range and fit the specifications I wanted.

My wife had made it pretty clear that she wanted a princess cut diamond in a channel set band with square diamonds. I hadn’t had an easy time finding that design anywhere else, so I figured I’d at least give Sergio a shot and see what he could come up with. Doesn’t hurt to at least check it out, right?

The appointment

Jonathan’s showroom is in what I would basically call a diamond complex. When you go inside you greet a security guard to show ID and then take the elevator up to the 4th floor.

I sat down with Sergio, and he literally did exactly what my friend described. There was a big piece of white paper on my side of the desk, and he pulled several diamonds out from their inventory and showed them all to me and wrote their prices, color grade, etc. on the paper.

He even showed me how to use a loupe and let me inspect all of the diamonds so I could compare them to their GIA certificate.

I figured out the diamond that I wanted, we negotiated on the price, and then we chatted design. I gave him a few examples that I wanted to the ring to look like, and that was it! The ring was done about 2 weeks after I met with Sergio. It looked incredible!

The proposal

I have to say – I totally nailed it on the proposal side of things (and the ring). My wife and I love the water, so I talked a friend into taking us out to Galveston bay on his 46 foot Sea Ray yacht. We told my wife that we were just going to do a nice cocktail hour on the boat, so she didn’t think much of it when I told her to dress up a little bit.

The plan was to propose right at sunset with our favorite song. I made a playlist and started it right before the sun went down. Then…I proposed! Thankfully, she said yes.

One of the coolest things about it is that I was able to tell her that the ring was completely custom – nobody else has a ring like it in the entire world. That’s a really powerful thing to tell your fiancé after she says yes, because it shows that you put a lot of thought into making both her ring and the moment special.

To learn more about custom engagement rings by Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, see our video here.

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