Joan Rivers and Her Pearls


“If god wanted us to bend over, he’d put diamonds on the floor. ” – Joan Rivers

Joan_3I was floating around on the web last night when I came across an old photo of a young Joan Rivers (look right). Besides being shocked at how different she looked, it got me thinking about some of her jewelry choices over the years. I have always been a fan of Joan’s comedy, attitude, and style. In my opinion, she is a woman that lived for herself with no apologies. From the very beginning of her career, Joan, was associated with fashion. Which comes as no surprise, since she worked as a fashion consultant for Bond Clothing Store and Lord and Taylor before she was famous.

Joan’s style is legendary, so much so, that she was able to creditably start a show called Fashion Police (where she critiques celebs clothing choices). I have always been a closet fan of the show. Joan, even used her fashion-cred to launch her own line of clothing, accessories, and costume jewelry on QVC. Last I read, this little endeavor of hers brought in 3 billion. I think we can safely call it a success.

As a jeweler, I was particularly interested in her high end jewelry. Which lead me to begin my search for photos of Joan, in her diamonds. What I learned from my research is that while Joan may have one of the best diamond quotes of all time, her true love was pearls. Need proof, have a look at some of these famous photo of Joan and her pearls – starting from her early days, to her later days.














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