Jewelry TrendsI love a good movie and I love good jewelry and I have to admit that I have fallen victim to some of the jewelry trends that have been made famous by Hollywood.  Hollywood has an influence over so many things we do, wear, say and act that it is no surprise that jewelry trends would be among one of the things that they influence as well.

Jewelry Trends and Hollywood

When I first saw that ring on Bella’s finger I wanted to make it for my wife.  Of course, she didn’t want it because she is a Team Jacob.  Sometimes, there is no accounting for taste.  It didn’t take long for some manufacturer or designer to start to reproduce that ring and sell it, and I’m sure make a fortune off of it.  Here’s a movie factoid you all probably knew, Kristen Stewart got to keep the ring she wore as a gift.  Nice gift, huh?

My kids tried to get me to order the Ring from Lord of the Rings out of Skymall.  Several times.  It got to the point where I would confiscate all the Skymall magazines when we got onto a plane so they couldn’t look in them.  Of course, that would ruin my fun too.  I love those water dishes for the dogs that fill themselves up, don’t you?

I always wanted to take my wife for breakfast at Tiffany’s. Even though in some ways I consider them a competitor and would never actually shop within their four walls or online from them, and would sell their goods gladly, after seeing Audrey Hepburn there, who wouldn’t want to do the same?

Did the heart that Rose wore around her neck in the Titanic make your heart beat faster? It did mine.  In fact, I think it did for a lot of women, so many in fact, that it was reproduced and can be bought at for very little.  Of course, this Heart of the Ocean is not the Hope diamond, but a Swarovski crystal, but it is still sparkly and pretty and blue.

Have you noticed all the skulls that are everywhere these days? They are made from everything from sterling silver to rose gold and covered in pave diamonds with rubies for eyes to black diamond eyes.  I can’t help but think that Captain Jack Sparrow and all of his Pirates of the Caribbean movies might have had something to do with that!  What do you think?

Which jewelry trends from Hollywood have you followed or do you love?

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