Jewelry BoxIt is so important to take care of the jewelry that you own.  It needs to be stored properly and carefully and nothing can do that better than a fabulous jewelry box.  That is why I chose this month’s must have as a jewelry box.  A jewelry box is a very personal investment, but in buying one, there some things that yours should have and that you should keep in mind while on the hunt.  But, before we get into that it’s also important to understand how to store the jewelry you own so your jewelry box is not only beautiful but functional as well.

Why You Need To Know How To Store Your Jewelry

In order for your jewelry to stay looking as good as the day you took it out of the store it needs to be stored properly.  Of course you need to clean it and take it for tune-ups at your jeweler as well about twice a year, but it will need less oil changes if you are storing it the right way.

One thing that I have noticed when I have been in other jewelry stores (yes, I do go into other stores, and even sometimes buy) is that the salespeople don’t tell you how to store or clean your jewelry.  They wrap it all pretty and send you on your way, and then why you come back with a loose stone, a dirty ring or a scratched up band, they charge you to fix it up all nice and pretty again.

If you know how to do this properly to begin with, you won’t have to worry about these little things again!

How To Store Your Jewelry

Jewelry BoxPearls should always be stored separately in a box or a bag and kept away from dust and other contaminates.  Pearls are very soft and delicate and will scratch very easily, so do not let them touch other metals or gemstones.  Be sure that you keep them in a nice cool and dry place as well when you store them.  Also, pearls need to breathe, so storing them in an airtight box for long periods of time is not a good idea, as this can cause them to discolor.

Gold and silver should not be stored together as it can cause the gold to tarnish and gemstones should not be stored by gold as it can cause the gold to scratch.  Also, gemstones shouldn’t be stored next to each other as they can scratch each other.  Remember, each gemstone has a different hardness on the Mohs scale, so if you put a soft stone next to a harder stone, chances are one will scratch the other.

Diamonds, because they are so hard and can even scratch each other should be stored in their own separate pouches.  And, all jewelry should be kept away from chemicals such as hairspray and perfumes and cleaning products.

The Jewelry Box

When you are out to buy your jewelry box, look at what you have and how you want to store it.  Besides the aesthetics of how it is going to look, how is it going to function.  First, it should have a suede, felt or velvet lining.  The reason is that it keeps the jewelry from sliding around, provides a snugger fit and the material actually can protect your metal from tarnishing.

Next, think about the layout and type of compartments inside the jewelry box. This is important for you because, as I mentioned above, certain jewelry needs special attention or organization to protect them from tangling, scratches and other damage and also to make it easier for you to get to.

Here are a few hints:

  • If you have pendants look for a jewelry box that has hooks inside the lid or on a door that opens up and also one that has a pouch that can keep them secure.
  • For pearls, separate drawers.
  • For watches, larger drawers that can accommodate the watchbands and the watch faces.
  • If you wear a lot of rings, the compartments that have enough width between them so that your rings won’t touch when they are encased in their place.
  • You might want to make sure that your chains can be hung so they won’t tangle.
  • And, if you can even keep things in the original jewelry box from the jeweler and find a larger jewelry box to store everything in after that that is even better!

Remember, jewelry should last a lifetime, so when you consider a jewelry box, it should be an investment just like your jewelry!

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