JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards – Yoko London

If you work in the jewelry business, than you know JCK. JCK magazine is the industry authority on all things jewelry. I live for this publication. It comes out every month and focuses on the latest designs, new products and all things that sparkle. JCK, hosts a few fine jewelry and luxury watch shows throughout the world. I have only been to the North American show in Las Vegas, but the others are on my bucket list, for sure.


The past eight years, JCK, has been holding a Jewelers Choice Awards contest. Retailers from all over the country view and vote on designs in categories like: colored diamond jewelry, best bracelets, and fashion jewelry (to name a few). I have already casted my vote for my favorites, but in the spirit of the moment, I thought I would share with you one piece that stood out to me (I am a jaded New Yorker, so this is no easy task).


While there were many pieces that took my breath away, this one has been stalking my dreams since I came across it. It is from the pearl jewelry category and was designed by Yoko London.


This necklace features  9mm – 14 mm pink round freshwater pearls, with white round South Sea and akoya pearls. They are graduated in color, which means that they are set from light to dark. This is also know as an ombre effect.


To understand how impressive this is, you have to remember that pearls are natural and not dyed in any way. To arrange these in this fashion takes tremendous skill and talent. I love how the rose gold and diamonds connect the two pearl strands, almost like dripping water. I can imagine these pearls being pulled directly from the ocean.

The necklace is all things I LOVE. Beauty, style and creative design.


I have not had the good fortune to see this necklace in person, but we do have a Yoko necklace in our shop that is impressive. I love this piece. I would be shocked if it did not win its category, or even, best-in-show.



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