break upI might have a touch of ADD and perhaps I can be accused of a wandering eye as well, but I do have an appreciation for beauty.  What can I say? It’s not that I get bored easily…okay; maybe I do get bored easily, but is that a crime?

What if I’m guilty of being one of those people who sees something I want and go after it, and when I realize it is better or sexier than what I have I have to break up with what I have. What choice do I have, and does that make me a bad guy? Maybe it just makes me a guy who knows when it is time to move on.

After all, do you know when it it’s time to break up?

I knew as early as the age of 18 that I would be fickle when it came to long-term relationships in this vein, and that I would have many breakups in my future. I didn’t know what would spur a breakup on, whether it would be the glance of a hand or the curve of the face.

Sometimes I can go for months and be completely satisfied and then something will set me off and I actually search for something better. I scour the Internet, reading classified ads and looking in all the backrooms for what I need to satisfy me so I can have that breakup and start anew.

What is it that drives the compulsion? Is it the velvety feel sliding along my wrist? The beauty that stares at me night and day? Is it the precision with which I can count the minutes and hours?

I don’t want a collection, although I do like to have more than one at a time, but I prefer to just have one to lavish all my attention to, so when I break up with one, I always have my backup there and ready to take their place.  The transition is seamless.

I have it down to a science. Is it a sickness? Is there a cure? Is there a program I need to go to? I hope not, because I recently had a breakup and went back to an old friend that was tried and true and have never been happier

I think I can break it down to the basics…I love watches, and when you love watches, you know that they come in and out of your life like lovers.  There are certain watches I get attached to, like my rose gold Rolex Daytona, but I couldn’t resist when I was made an offer to have it bought off my wrist, so we broke up. But, I promised myself that I would one day find that love again, and I will.

break up


I recently broke up with my Panerai to reunite with a brand new Rolex Submariner, and we are very happy together….for now.

Do you ever break up with your watch? 🙂


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