Jonny NuncioAt Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers we understand that the diamond buying process can be pretty intimidating – especially when you are first getting started. We are ALWAYS trying to find new and engaging ways to connect with people that are getting ready to buy an incredible stone for their special someone. Our goal is to make buying a diamond and an engagement setting as simple and stress free as we possibly can.


The traditional process of diamond buying requires hours of Google research, a ton of driving from store to store, and wading through sales pitch after sales pitch to get the information you need to make a purchase that you may not feel comfortable with. Honestly, something that is supposed to be exciting and a very special moment in your life can easily turn into a stressful experience. Jonathan’s Fine Jewelry wants to change that.


In order to make the diamond buying process better for you, we have come up with a really cool, innovative and easy new way to get information from a real diamond expert, and it’s 100% free.


Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers is happy to introduce: DiamondChat with Jonathan Nuncio.


The process is simple. Just call, email, or reach out to us on our Facebook page and request an online appointment to speak with me for a FREE half hour DiamondChat session. All you need is the ability to use FaceTime or Skype and an internet connection. This allows you to sit down in the comfort of your own home or office and ask any questions that you might have about diamonds or the process of buying them.

Again, the idea of DiamondChat is to make the diamond buying process easier.


Here are a few common questions from our past customers that I would be happy to answer in our free DiamondChat session:


  • What are the 4 C’s and why are they important?
  • Are certain settings more popular than others right now?
  • How can I get the most out my budget?
  • What type of metal is best for my setting?
  • What are the differences between the different diamond cuts?
  • Are there diamond buying mistakes that I should avoid?

The questions above are just a starting point; feel free to ask anything that you would like to know about diamonds and engagement settings during your DiamondChat session. The most important thing you need to remember about DiamondChat is that there are no sales pitches, no pressure, and NO gimmicks. You’ll just get free information – the way we think it should be. And most importantly, it won’t cost you anything.


At Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers we believe that having the right information is key to making a smart diamond purchase, and DiamondChat is just one of the many ways that we can help. If you would prefer a face to face DiamondChat session or want to design a custom ring you can always schedule an appointment and visit me or any of our diamond experts in our newly upgraded showroom. We are looking forward to making this process easy for you!


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