There’s no doubt that proposing is one of the most intimidating things that a guy will do in life. Even if you KNOW she is going to say yes, there’s still that nagging fear of something going wrong and getting denied. While we think the chances of this are slim if you are in a serious relationship, you can never be too sure! If you want to know how to nail the proposal, you’re going to have to do a few things first. Check out our guide below!

How to Nail the Proposal in 5 steps:

1) Evaluate the relationship

Most of the time when guys get the awkward “no” after a proposal, it’s because it was too soon or they didn’t evaluate the relationship correctly. Women are actually pretty helpful with this – they WILL drop hints when they are ready. There’s no specific time that you should propose, but you should at least have a conversation about your future together, if you want kids, etc.

2) Get her input on the ring

This one seems a bit strange because you want the ring to be a surprise, but just trust us here. If she is going to wear something for the rest of her life, you might want to make sure it’s a style and design that she likes! If you are planning on doing a proposal months down the road, it’s ok to ask her what kind of ring she likes. They LOVE talking about it. Another sneaky but effective strategy is to look at her pinterest account. If she has the marriage bug, there’s a great chance that she has pinned some wedding rings to her board.

3) Don’t be cliche

You’ve all seen the failed proposal at the basketball and baseball games. We’re not saying that there is something completely wrong with those places, but they are pretty overdone. Try to pick a place that has significance to both of you! It can be the place you first met, your first date, or even somewhere that involves an activity like hiking that you both love doing together. Where you propose is just as important as how you propose. You want her to be overwhelmed with emotions just as much as you want a “yes”.

4) Ditch the speech

You. Will. Be. Nervous. If you are the kind of guy that has a great memory under pressure, then by all means say everything you want to say! If you’re a normal human, you may want to keep the talking to a minimum. Chances are that you will probably be a little speechless when you get on one knee. If you keep it simple, you’ll keep it foolproof. Tell her what she means to you and then pop the question!

5) Have a plan for the ring

The last thing you want to do is take her to dinner with a ring box in your front pocket. The best solution may be to have a friend hold the ring for you, but if you are going solo you might want to ditch the box. Wearing something weird or a suit that you’ve never worn before might be a dead giveaway that you are trying to hide something.

Good luck!

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